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Success Story

The TOPMOTIVE Group consists of Europe's leading companies in the field of catalog and information systems as well as services in the automotive independent aftermarket (IAM). The company offers spare parts dealers, parts manufacturers and workshops a coordinated portfolio for the car, truck and motorcycle segments. Headquartered in Bargteheide, the company is represented at a total of nine locations in five countries. The number of employees has grown from 78 to 250 in the last five years.

In order to set up this development in a technically solid way, Karsten Weigel, responsible Enterprise Application Manager at DVSE, had to create synergies between the divisions and thus dissolve existing silos: "Create, maintain and display sales-relevant information about leads (potential customers), customers and partners simply in one system," was his vision. With the help of catworkx, he successfully realized this goal.


Details at a glance

The requirements
  • Transparent documentation and measurability of activities
  • Firmly defined structures and templates for a seamless transition between the areas
  • Scalability through strong company growth
The solution


  • Teamworkx Issue Publisher (catworkx)
  • Teamworkx Issue Picker (catworkx)
  • DnD Postfunctions (Acid Oranges)
  • Exocet (Elements)
  • JiraWorkflow Toolbox (Decadis AG)
  • Scriptrunner (Adaptavist)
  • Jira Automation Plugin (Mohami)
  • Dynamic Forms (Deviniti)


  • Teamworkx Issue Publisher (catworkx)
  • Table Filter and Charts (StiltSoft)
  • RefinedTheme (Refined)
The benefit
  • Increased efficiency through uniform structures in all areas
  • Synergy effects between all departments
  • Increase in sales through cross-selling activities
  • Shorter training periods for new colleagues

Collaborative software supports cross-selling approach

As early as 2014, the decision was made to introduce an overarching CRM in the company. The TOPMOTIVE Group was using different systems in the various departments, which resulted in a lack of synergies, poor documentation of customer data and long training periods for new colleagues. "My mission was to create a comprehensive, transparent, efficient and user-friendly framework to also cross-sell through it and thus identify higher sales opportunities," says Weigel. He researched and compared different collaborative software vendors. After several tests, it was clear to him that Atlassian's Jira software was the most convincing product for his project due to its integrated functionalities and cost-benefit ratio. For this groundbreaking goal, he looked for a partner with specialized and long-standing experience and chose Atlassian Platinum partner catworkx. "The competence is very high and the interaction is open and honest. I had a very good feeling about the cooperation right from the start," says Karsten Weigel.

Uniform system for all areas

TOPMOTIVE is growing rapidly and so is the customer base, including data. The fact that there were no standardized and clearly defined processes led to increasingly long familiarization periods in many areas. Each department worked for itself. "We had to break up the existing isolated applications and create a uniform system for maintaining customer data," explains Karsten Weigel. This also involved changing the mindset of the employees. "The biggest challenge in the project was to ensure that all colleagues were satisfied," says Weigel. Weigel initially provided the training for this himself, and tutorials were continuously developed for the growing employee base. With the help of Jira, it was now everyone's job to ensure reliable data maintenance and thus close the gaps in the documentation. The internal processes in project management, sales and development had to be analyzed and redefined. An authorization system for internal data was developed and integrated within the Atlassian tools.

With the help of the app "Dynamic Fields", fillable fields were set in dependency to each other, thus increasing the user-friendliness. All data was mapped in Jira through issues - leads, customers and also partners. Thanks to the "Exocet" app, the associated information was linked to other tickets, so that contact data, access to demos, events, communication or even contracts are assigned in a structured manner and mapped automatically. Everything is in one place. Consequently, Confluence was integrated as the central company wiki and a company-wide, uniform CRM was set up. Gradually, other company departments, such as Purchasing or Human Resources, were also integrated into the system.

What our customer says:



Karsten Weigel

The competence of the catworkx team is very high and the interaction with each other is open and honest. I had a very good feeling about the collaboration right from the start.

Karsten Weigel TOPMOTIVE

Standardized processes for greater efficiency

The objective of creating a comprehensive customer lifecycle, which not only enables improved service but also tracking and cross-selling effects, was achieved. A seamless transition between the individual areas was created via the standardization of structures. "Our communication has changed completely: Information is much more easily accessible," sums up Karsten Weigel. As part of the implementation of Jira in the various departments, the processes of the individual teams were simultaneously revised, standardized and thus simplified. The figures are now transparent: there is now professional reporting of the company's activities as a result of the conversions.


Future outlook

The entire sales process is now mapped and recorded in Jira and Confluence - in about half a year, there will be another review and further optimizations will take place from the learnings of the past months. The TOPMOTIVE Group continues to grow and so new ideas are constantly being generated: The company now produces video seminars and tutorials that are made accessible via Confluence. In this way, it will be possible to bring the different locations to a uniform level of knowledge in the future.


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