Premier Support

Critical issues answered within up to 30 minutes

Premier Support

Atlassian's 24/7 support is a given. However, sensitive, mission-critical applications require rush support. With Premier Support, Atlassian delivers a solution that includes escalation levels to respond to critical issues within up to 30 minutes.

Atlassian Premier Support - 24/7 - Kritische SLA: 30 Minuten

Premier Support provides direct contact with experienced Atlassian support engineers who identify issues in an environment as quickly as possible. This involves specialists being in close contact with key contacts in the customer's company to get to know the network and environment.

Premier Support responds to mission-critical tickets within 30 minutes or within two hours for non-critical requests. The process for managing critical incidents includes stress-free global handoffs and escalations around the clock. This includes assistance with scheduled disruptions and maintenance to ensure that the business is well-supported at all times.

If an issue requires escalation to the Atlassian development team, Premier Support experts will ensure that it is given priority in the escalation queue.

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