Atlassian Enterprise Cloud

Scaling and support for large companies

Atlassian Enterprise Cloud

Reliable scalability and comprehensive support

Atlassian Cloud Enterprise offers true enterprise autonomy and provides any number of instances. The centralized, user-based licensing model enables access to all company instances - with a single license. An SLA provides an uptime guarantee of 99.95% for the entire environment. Enterprise support is also available around the clock with response times of just half an hour for critical problems, as well as telephone support.


Compliance and security at the highest level

Comprehensive data residency control makes it possible to decide where data should be hosted in order to meet company guidelines and compliance requirements, for example. SAML single sign-on support for the authentication of users of Atlassian Cloud products also simplifies access and prevents any breaches. Another security aspect is the audit logs. They provide detailed insights into user activities in order to identify suspicious behavior, for example.

User management & powerful analysis

Mit dem Admin-Hub von Atlassian Enterprise Cloud leistungsstarke Analysen & Benutzermanagement nutzen.

The centralized admin hub provides an overview of all products and instances. All access authorizations and roles can be managed here. It can also be used to automate user provisioning and deprovisioning. The Admin Hub provides company insights into how the Atlassian Cloud products are exploited. In general, data analysis has become increasingly important in the latest developments of the Enterprise Cloud.

Atlassian Analytics - Dashboards und Atlassian Data Lake zur datengestützten Entscheidung in der Atlassian Enterprise Cloud nutzen

Atlassian Analytics can be used to make data-based decisions. Pre-built or customized dashboards can be used to analyze data across teams and projects. In addition, the Atlassian Data Lake provides fully modeled data in all Atlassian products for faster analysis - directly in Atlassian or with an independent BI tool.

Atlassian Enterprise Cloud stellt Sandbox für Änderungsmanagement zur Verfügung für kontrollierte Cloud-Releases

Change management with sandbox

Atlassian provides a sandbox for Enterprise Cloud subscribers to test and preview applications in a secure, isolated environment. This allows updates to be tested in advance, for example. Release tracking also gives you full control over the release cycle of cloud releases.

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