App Development

Customized developments for your Atlassian solutions

App Development

Our basic approach is the PDCA cycle, also known as the Deming cycle. This involves repeatedly going through the "Plan - Do - Check - Act" phases in order to achieve a continuous improvement process. The PDCA cycle is also ideally suited to agility and Scrum.

Administrations-Tools: Atlassian-Lösungen mit App-Development ergänzen

Administration tools

More efficiency due to automation

Our admin tools make the administration of IT systems more efficient. We develop tools that facilitate the administration of systems. We implement the admin tools both on behalf of customers and for our own purposes.

Anpassung von User Interfaces: Customizing von Atlassian-Lösungen mit App-Development

Customization of user interfaces

Customizing for individual requirements

If the development is to be carried out from scratch, we use basic methods such as Atlassian's best practices. When it comes to Confluence portals, we use the tried-and-tested Adaptavist Themebuilder or Refined apps. The layout is predefined; we adapt it to the customer's requirements.

Appentwicklung mit Atlassian Jira: Atlassian Jira-Lösungen um wichtige Workflows ergänzen

Application development with Jira

Customization and implementation of apps and workflows

We have specialized in implementing non-standard applications based on Jira. The Atlassian product is ideal for developing apps for existing applications for standard workflows that do not map important but less common processes.

Automation von Workflows - Geschäftsprozesse-Beratung und -Optimierung im Atlassian-Umfeld

Workflow automation

Optimization by means of experience

When it comes to workflow automation, our customers benefit from our extensive experience in business process consulting and optimization.

Kundenspezifische Add-on-Entwicklung - Atlassian-Produkte wie Jira und Confluence robust und smart erweitern

Customized add-on development

Innovations with added value

The apps we develop for Atlassian products like Jira and Confluence are smart and robust. The best of them are available on the Atlassian Marketplace. If you can't find what you're looking for there, contact us, we have more than 270 solutions ready for you.

Integrationsentwicklung - Datenaustausch mit Fremd- und Partnerprodukten

Integration development

Data exchange with foreign and partner products

As a specialist for the integration of IT products and individual solutions into complex systems, we have made a name for ourselves throughout the German-speaking world.

Our system integration activities are based on the requirements specification and the process definition, which we coordinate with the customer. Both serve as binding guidelines for the development of individual integration solutions.

Makro-Entwicklung mit Atlassian Confluence mit Erweiterungen der Wiki-Funktionen im Atlassian Confluence

Macro development with Confluence

Extension of the wiki functions in Confluence

We develop advanced functions in the form of macros for the pages of Confluence wikis. This allows us to extend the macro selection in the Confluence application as required. In this way, we bring even more convenience to the solution than it already offers by default.

Blueprint Entwicklung für Atlassian Confluence, hier werden komplexe Aufgaben mit Atlassian Confluence vorkonfiguriert geliefert

Blueprint development for Confluence

Deliver complex tasks preconfigured with Confluence

The creation of new (complex) tasks is drastically simplified with blueprints in Confluence. We develop and design special templates for your requirements.

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