Teamworkx Thunderbird Integration for Jira

Teamworkx Thunderbird Integration for Jira

Create Jira issues from Thunderbird mails: The Jira app "Teamworkx Thunderbird Integration for Jira" developed by catworkx makes it possible to automatically create Jira issues from incoming emails in Mozilla Thunderbird or to attach emails as comments to existing processes.

With the Jira app "Teamworkx Thunderbird Integration for Jira", you can create new Jira issues from emails that you receive in Mozilla Thunderbird. If there is already a process to which you want to assign the email, attach it as a comment.

This is how it works: Right-click on an incoming email in Thunderbird to open a context menu and select the option to create a new Jira task or to attach an email as a comment.

Jira-App - Teamworkx Thunderbird Integration for Jira von catworkx ermöglicht per Context-Menü Ticketerstellung oder Kommentierung

A dialog appears that takes the subject line and the text from the email and offers Jira projects and - when creating a new task - the task types for selection.

If mandatory fields need to be filled in, the standard Jira form for creating a task opens with editable text suggestions. After submitting the form, the task is automatically created in Jira.

Mit der Jira-App “Teamworkx Thunderbird Integration for Jira” über ein Thunderbird-Formular nahtlos Jira-Tickets erstellen.

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