Atlassian Enterprise License Agreement (ELA)

Licenses for Enterprise Customers

Atlassian Enterprise License Agreement (ELA)

Companies running large and numerous Atlassian instances as well as domains often need to keep track of hundreds of individual licenses. These can be licenses for Atlassian software (e.g. Jira, Confluence or Bitbucket) as well as licenses for Marketplace apps. For these enterprise customers, catworkx provides a comprehensive portfolio of tools to manage your Atlassian licenses.

Atlassian's Enterprise License Agreement (ELA) is a strategic contractual tool from Atlassian that provides maximum flexibility and scalability to customers who use various Atlassian products and services on a large scale. With an ELA, companies can scale their license volume quickly, easily and flexibly. They also have the ability to integrate new tools and features to keep pace with growth and changing business needs. It enables organizations to license only the unique users they need. Each Unique User is made available both in Atlassian Cloud and for Atlassian Data Center on an infinite number of instances/domains. Over-licensing is thus avoided and this gives companies full planning and cost certainty over the full term.

Other advantages:

Cost savings: With an ELA, companies receive attractive pricing and can thus optimize their license costs. Bundling multiple products in one contract allows companies to benefit from volume discounts and cost advantages. This results in significant cost savings compared to purchasing individual licenses. For example, it is possible to open Data Center instances for Jira Software and Confluence from as few as 50 users.

Standardization and collaboration: With an ELA, companies can standardize their internal processes and tools and create a uniform working environment. This promotes collaboration, knowledge sharing and efficiency throughout the organization. Employees can seamlessly access the tools they need and collaborate, regardless of location or department.

Enterprise Support: Enterprise Support includes 24/7/365 phone support with contacts from a dedicated Atlassian senior support team. Learn more about Atlassian's Enterprise Support at 

Professional support: The cooperation with an experienced partner like catworkx offers companies an additional added value. As a certified Atlassian Platinum Solution Partner, catworkx has extensive experience in implementing and optimizing Atlassian solutions. This includes comprehensive consulting, training and support services to help companies realize the full potential of ELA.

catworkx also has many years of expertise in the management of Atlassian licenses and is happy to support you in being optimally positioned, licensed and compliant. Just feel free to contact us. 

Benefit additionally from our Teamworkx Cloud Hosted solution in an Enterprise License Agreement and reduce your costs as well as efforts from ordering, through turnkey provisioning of new Atlassian instances, to maintenance-free operation of your Atlassian world. In demanding environments, this solution can also be deployed in your own data center.

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