Teamworkx Scaling Agile Blueprint

Pre-configured solution to get started with SAFe®

Scaled Agile with SAFe® in Jira Software

Agile transformation in a simple way: With the "Teamworkx Scaling Agile Blueprint", we offer you the opportunity to scale agility from the team level (up to ten teams in a portfolio) to a higher level (agile release train, program, portfolio). The "Teamworkx Scaling Agile Blueprint" guides you step by step through an exemplary modeling in Jira Software and shows you how to successfully scale agility and link it to your corporate strategy.

Business agility at all levels

The setup of the "Teamworkx Scaling Agile Blueprint" is based on approaches from the Scaled Agile Framework (SAFe®). This combines selected apps with a best-practice configuration for monitoring dashboards in individual scaling levels.

  • Team level

    Management of team backlogs (tasks); team Kanban; cadence planning; story and sprint planning; team alignment with strategy.

  • Portfolio level

    Management of a portfolio's initiatives and the associated return on investment; progress control; Portfolio Kanban.

  • Program level

    Management of program increments and epics; PI objectives; management of Agile Release Trains (ART); reporting (e.g. Program Predictability Measure); management of dependencies (Cross Team Dependencies); Dependency Dashboard; management of WSJF incl. progress control; Program Kanban and Dashboard.

  • Strategy level

    Management of strategic topics and the portfolio backlog derived from the mission / vision / lean budget guardrails and the strategic portfolio vision; SWOT and TOWS analyses; Objectives and Key Results (OKR); Planning Investments Horizons.

Modular expandability

The blueprint consists of central components that can be freely purchased:

SmartStart Program, SmartStart Strategy and licenses. The package can be optionally expanded to include training and consulting/coaching components.

SmartStart Program:

  • Provision and implementation of the templates
  • Application support in the first Program Increment (PI)
  • Briefing the SPC and the program/portfolio managers
  • Briefing the dev and product teams

SmartStart Strategy:

  • Provision and implementation of the templates
  • Application support for initial planning meetings
  • Briefing management (business owner, portfolio manager)

Factsheet “Teamworkx Scaling Agile Blueprint”

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Advantages of the Scaling Agile Blueprint

The Blueprint is ideal for customers who want to start scaled-agile development on the basis of Jira Software.

  • Flexibility: You don't get a big product, but a configuration in your Jira system. The blueprint follows elements from SAFe®, but thanks to the flexibility of Jira you can still customize the setup according to your individual needs.
  • Support: in addition to the Jira configuration, you will receive help getting started with the product and support with the first steps (e.g. support backlog grooming, PI planning support, etc.).
  • Best practices: the blueprint is set up in such a way that it consistently follows important best practices.
  • Target-oriented: You can select the right packages for your specific needs.
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