Teamworkx Revision for Confluence

Teamworkx Revision for Confluence

Teamworkx Revision for Confluence - keeping Confluence's Wikis up to date: As an electronic organizer, Teamworkx Revision for Confluence from catworkx takes over the continuous monitoring of the currency of Confluence wikis. The automated revision mechanism makes it easy for authors to revise their pages before the content becomes outdated.

The Teamworkx Revision for Confluence app supports employees whose task is to keep the content of Confluence's Wikis up to date. The basis is a configurable revision form that can be adapted in the area configuration after installing the app. The person responsible (or author) to a page can enter the date on which the content is to be checked for updates in the revision dialog for the respective page. The marking of pages for revision can also be automated by setting a predefined label. If the label is already added in the page templates, a user can no longer forget to set a revision date when creating a new page. With the bulk function, the revision can also be activated on all pages of the area in Confluence.

Teamworkx Revision for Confluence checks daily which content pages are due for revision. If a revision is due, the app sends each responsible reviser an email with the pages they need to check or update on that date (once per page). If the person responsible does not respond within a set period, the revision function triggers the first escalation phase. A further notification is sent by email to another user (e.g. area manager, Wiki Gardener). They can deactivate the revision, enter a new revision date or transfer responsibility for the page to another author. The revision status of the current page is displayed to all users at the top of the page. Various color markers indicate whether a page is current, pending revision or has exceeded the revision date. The app comes with three additional markers that users can use to display the revision status of Confluence pages on a page.

Confluence Wikis - Beispiel Userführung beim Teamworkx Revision for Confluence

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