Jira Align Production Jumpstart

Jump start into scaled agility

Jira Align Production Jumpstart

Jumpstart to scaled agility: The Jira Align Production Jumpstart from Atlassian effectively supports companies in converting their existing Atlassian toolchain to Jira Align. Jira Align is the solution for medium-sized and large companies that want to combine their business strategy with a technical implementation. Together with other Atlassian tools, Jira Align offers a complete, comprehensive software solution for scaling agile processes at every level of the organization.

As part of the Jira Align Production Jumpstart, teams work with a Jira Align Solution Architect from Atlassian to learn how they can collaborate better and faster through scaled agility. The Jira Align Solution Architect accompanies the company over a period of three months during the transition to Jira Align.

Support from Atlassian specialists

The Jira Align Solution Architect supports the configuration of Jira Align to the company-specific requirements and the scaled, agile practice. At the same time, it offers weekly check-ins, special workshops and other activities tailored to the company to make it easier for teams to get started with Jira Align. He also supports the integration of existing Jira Software instances with Jira Align.


The Jira Align Production Jumpstart is suitable for your company if you:

  • already use Jira Software as a team tool.

  • have experience in agile quarterly planning (e.g. PI Planning).

  • have been practicing agile in your teams for six months or longer.

  • want to make targeted progress in the analysis and optimization of your Atlassian environment.

  • are ready to connect Jira Align with Jira to work on real tasks.

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