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Highlights & Impressions: Follow-up to Atlassian Team'23

The ultimate event for modern teamwork is over - Atlassian Team' 23 took place from April 18 to 20, 2023 in Las Vegas. Whether live on site or online, for the participants there were great new product announcements - first and foremost Atlassian Intelligence, Confluence Whiteboards or Beacon - exciting insights and conversations and a lot of personal exchange. As a digital sponsor, the catworkx team was on site with a total of seven people from the DACH region, including two trainers. A very special moment for catworkx was receiving the Atlassian Partner of the Year Award 2022 in the category "Team Excellence". We have summarized all impressions, information, highlights and details for you.

Atlassian Team '23 in Las Vegas was like coming home - is the feedback from a colleague who was there. After three years in which catworkx and many others could not be on site at Atlassian Team '23 or had contact restrictions, it was more than good to get together again, to meet friends, acquaintances and partners from the Atlassian ecosystem to exchange news and information. The conversations with Atlassian were not neglected either. 

Already one day before the official event program, there were many events for partners, including the Partner Info'23 session by //SEIBERTMEDIA. In conversation were Martin Seibert (Seibert Media) and Anu Bharadwaj, the president of Atlassian.

In the course of Atlassian Team'23 there is always an extensive training program for the participants. This year, two of our certified Atlassian trainers held the training "Asset Advanced Management" on behalf of Atlassian in front of about 25 participants. Wednesday and Thursday were reserved for the event and exhibition, with various exciting keynotes and new announcements.

catworkx receives the "Atlassian Partner of the Year 2022" award in the "Team Excellence" category

Auszeichnung „Atlassian Partner of the Year 2022“ in Kategorie „Team Excellence“ für unser catworkx Team

A very special highlight for the entire catworkx team was receiving the "Atlassian Partner of the Year 2022" award in the "Team Excellence" category.

Atlassian announced on April 18, 2023 that catworkx received the award for its outstanding contributions and achievements in the 2022 calendar year. catworkx is one of 26 global partners recognized in the annual Atlassian Partner of the Year program for their continued efforts and exceptional customer work.

We have summarized the product announcements at Atlassian Team'23 for you here:

Atlassian Intelligence

  • Atlassian IntelligenceOne of the major announcements was the launch of Atlassian Intelligence, a product that brings the power and magic of AI to cloud-based products. Atlassian Intelligence is an AI-powered virtual "team member" that understands how teams work together. It uses internal models and collaboration with OpenAI to deliver a range of capabilities: Including an AI-powered virtual agent in Jira Service Management that automates support workflows, content generation with natural language prompts, and on-demand glossary, dictionary, and knowledge graph.

For more information about Atlassian Intelligence here.


Improvements to the Atlassian Cloud Platform

  • Atlassian AnalyticsAtlassian has made significant improvements to its cloud platform. Among them are new features that bring teams, information and workflows closer together. In addition, Atlassian Analytics is now generally available and included in the Enterprise Editions of Jira Software, Jira Service Management and Confluence.
  • Beacon (= Intelligent threat detection)
    Beacon is Atlassian's intelligent threat detection engine. The engine makes it possible to detect risky user activity in Atlassian cloud products, investigate it, and respond to it before it becomes an incident. The engine is currently in beta. Atlassian has also made enhancements regarding advanced data residency options, information protection, and towards more advanced, centralized management.

 Learn more about updates to the Atlassian Cloud Platform here.


Confluence: Various product updates

  • Confluence-WhiteboardsConfluence whiteboards provide users with a simple, collaborative whiteboard experience with extensive integration with other Atlassian tools. Teams can thus connect their thinking with their doing, making ideas a reality quickly and easily.

Interested teams can join the waiting list for the upcoming beta version here.

  • Confluence Databases
    Confluence Databases are structured, dynamic tables designed to help teams connect and organize information such as Jira tasks, Confluence pages, owners, due dates, statuses, and more in a database table. Users can then reference a single cell, row, or an entire table anywhere in Confluence with real-time synchronization. This way, teams are always automatically connected to the most up-to-date information.

Interested teams can join the waiting list for the upcoming beta version here.

  • Confluence Automation Confluence Automation enables administrators to manage content, organize domains, and notify teams of important updates without manual effort. When administrators create rules, Confluence Automation works behind the scenes to handle routine functions that would otherwise need to be done manually. And you can use pre-built rule templates for popular Confluence actions.

→ Here you can get more information about Confluence Automation.


Once again, it was an all-round successful event, with many opportunities to present oneself, to network and to intensify contacts, it felt like a "meeting with friends". And that live and "in real life". It was nice. 🙌

We say thank you Atlassian - for the great organization - especially for the Team Excellence Partner Award 2022. We are looking forward to the continued good and sustainable cooperation!

Atlassian Team'23: Setting
Atlassian Team'23: Einblicke der Umgebung in LA
Atlassian Team'23 - Unterwegs
Atlassian Team'23 - Auf dem Weg
Atlassian Team'23 - Im Gespräch
Atlassian Team'23 - Interessante Session Advanced Asset Management in Jira Service Management
Atlassian Partner of the Year - Team Excellence - Atlassian Team'23 and the Winner is catworkx
Atlassian Team'23 - Party time!