Technical Account Manager (TAM)

Atlassian's personal, technical account manager.

Technical Account Manager (TAM)

Atlassian's personal technical account manager.

Atlassian Technical Account Manager (TAM) - Betreuung beim Upgrade von Atlassian-Produkten, Definition von KPIs für Messungen u.v.m.

A Technical Account Manager (TAM) has direct access to Atlassian support, product and development teams. Together with the customer, they analyze what KPIs should be set and consistently measured for the quality and quantity of Atlassian solution usage. Atlassian TAMs also help optimize team productivity.

When upgrading Atlassian products, a TAM can provide important guidance and direction with their cross-functional and cross-product technical knowledge. In addition, TAMs analyze existing usage trends and advise on best practices. Proactively, they accompany step by step on the way to better automation, integration, etc.

Customers gain early access to Alpha/Beta/Pioneer programs through their TAM and are informed of exclusive events to meet peers. Firmly scheduled feedback sessions with product management on product direction round out the portfolio.

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