Teamworkx Issue Publisher for Jira

Teamworkx Issue Picker for Jira

The Teamworkx Issue Publisher from catworkx automatically creates and updates pages in Confluence and inserts any field values from Jira processes at freely definable locations on these pages. Thus, the Teamworkx Issue Publisher not only enables the automatic creation of process or project documentation (e.g. "What's new" pages), but can also be used to trigger the creation of offers, contracts and invoices from the Jira application, for example.

Many companies already use Confluence for documentation as a supplement to their Jira application. When Atlassian talks about "integrating both systems", it primarily means that requirements definitions and product specifications are maintained in Confluence. Links to the corresponding Jira processes are inserted in the appropriate places. In the opposite direction, it is only possible to link from a Jira process to an existing Confluence page.

With the Teamworkx Issue Publisher, catworkx provides an app that can be used to trigger the creation or update of a Confluence page from a Jira application. Three publishing options are supported:

  • Automated via a post function during a status transition
  • Automated during issue events, e.g. after updating an issue
  • Manually via the "Publish Issue" operation in the "More" menu of the issue view

The appearance of the Confluence pages is defined in advance by creating template pages in Confluence. All the options offered by Confluence are available for formatting a page. A placeholder is inserted on the page at the points where process data is to be output later. If it is already clear when creating the template that the target page will only be created once or will be completely overwritten later during an update, a variable is sufficient as a placeholder. However, if it is clear that only the values from the Jira processes are to be updated during an update, the supplied Jira Field Value macro for Confluence should be used as a placeholder.

Vorlagenimport via Teamworkx Issue Publishers für den Teamworkx Issue Picker for Jira

The template pages are imported via the template management of the Teamworkx Issue Publisher.

Teamworkx Issue Publisher erstellt beim Workflowtransition oder Vorgangsaktion neue Confluence-Seite oder -Seitenversion

When executed via workflow transition or issue action, the Teamworkx Issue Publisher creates a new Confluence page or a new page version. Placeholders inserted in the template are replaced by the actual field values of the issue. Using the page versioning in Confluence, older documentation can be accessed at any time to keep track of the development of the processes.

Teamworkx Issue Publisher for Jira erzeugt PDFs direkt am Jira-Issue mit PDF-Export-Option auf Basis von HTML-Templates

With the Teamworkx Issue Publisher for Jira, it is also possible to create PDFs directly from the Jira Issue. This is done via a PDF export option with a pre-installed standard template.

The generated PDFs based on HTML templates are uploaded as attachments to the issue and can optionally be moved to a Confluence page using the Move attachment operation.


  • Configurable operations that can be triggered manually, automatically by process events or via a post function
  • Creating and updating Confluence pages and blog entries
  • Moving or copying attachments from a Jira task to the corresponding Confluence page
  • Sending emails or web requests from an issue
  • Create PDF files or text-based files
  • Freely customizable templates directly in Confluence
  • Differentiation of templates for publishing single or multiple tasks
  • Confluence macro, which is replaced by Jira with field values
  • Publishing Jira information in a custom field using a template
  • Output of Insight objects on Confluence pages

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