Jira Work Management

Planning, tracking, reporting of tasks and projects for business teams

Jira Work Management

Project and task management for business teams of all types: Jira Work Management (formerly Jira Core) from Atlassian is a structured work management tool for planning, managing and tracking projects and tasks. The appealing and intuitive user interface provides the ideal environment to collaborate easily and effectively across teams and projects.

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Based on the powerful Jira platform, Jira Work Management (JWM for short) helps teams collaborate on a daily basis with a full range of features and templates.

Whether personnel management, operational and legal processes, finance, HR or marketing - tasks and projects can be easily planned, mapped and controlled. JWM acts as a central point where all project information converges and is stored, such as comments, files or due dates. In this way, no important information is lost. All team members are always up to date and can work together more productively.

Jira Work Management is a cloud-only product* and connects easily with Jira Software and Jira Service Management.

Use cases Jira Work Management:

  • Task Management: To-Do's
  • Project management: Marketing campaigns, HR onboarding.
  • Process Management: Purchasing and sales processes, finance, document management.
  • Compliance: Structured workflows and user-defined permissions


*Note for Jira Core customers: 

Customers who use Jira Core in the Server or Data Center variant can continue to do so, but there is some important information to keep in mind. >> Learn more

Listenansicht Jira Work Management von Atlassian

List view Jira Work Management:

Quickly track and locally edit tasks and related projects in Jira Work Management with in-line editing, custom columns, and clear sorting/filtering.

Kalenderansicht Atlassian Jira Work Management

Calendar view:

View and manage tasks in a time context and across schedules. Dates and deadlines can thus be easily met.

Atlassian Jira Work Management Zeitleistenansicht

Timeline view:

Planning and assignment of tasks and dependencies, especially when mapping larger projects.

Boards in Jira Work Management:

Seamlessly track work steps from project inception to completion through custom workflows.

Project templates:

23 project templates for different business needs and departments (e.g. Marketing, HR, Legal, Sales, Finance) make it very easy for teams to get started right away, with no setup required. Each project has custom fields, task types, workflows and screen configurations designed for the specific use case.


Quick form creation with Jira Work Management via drag-and-drop.

Dynamic reports and dashboards:

Status tracking of projects through overviews, customizable dashboards or more than 30 different reports.

No code automations:

Automation templates can be used to further optimize business processes without any development knowledge. Atlassian provides an Automation Template Library that contains thousands of use cases. The templates can be easily adopted or customized.

Background colors:

Project administrators can choose from 14 background colors to give their project the look that suits their team.

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