Service Level Agreement (SLA) or Service Contingent for Atlassian Aplications.

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Service Level Agreement (SLA) or Service Contingent for Atlassian Aplications.

Are the Atlassian applications in your company growing and becoming more business-critical?Has your company ensured wide knowledge for the different, complex issues of your Atlassian applications?Does your company have to pay holiday periods and employee absenteeism? catworkx offers support for any business sizes with a client-specific Service Contract or Service Contingent.

Für Atlassian-Applikationen Servicevertrag (SLA) oder Servicekontingent mit catworkx vereinbaren

Whether it's a service contract or a service contingent, catworkx supports You in all questions in side of the Atlassian world.  From in-app configuration to complex operational topics, our team provides you with uncomplicated, fast and reliable(responsible) qualified assistance and solutions. To achieve this, just create a ticket via our catworkx HelpDesk(Service Desk) or contact us by telephone.

You can secure our support according to your requirements and choose between two offers:

catworkx - Service Contract with SLA

A freely customizable service level agreement (SLA) gurantee you experts are available to provide you with a wide range of services and support within an agreed response period.

catworkx - Service Contingent without SLA

Based on a quantity structure set by you, the service and support services are called up as required until the contingent is consumed. The contingent can of course be renewed quickly and easily.


  • Guaranteed access to knowledge of one of the largest Atlassian Platinum Partners in German-speaking area
  • 21 years of Service Expertise
  • Configuration Expertise for a large number of the approximately 3,500 Marketplace apps
  • Support over the course of holiday periods and absenteeism
  • Active employee counseling your workers
  • Customer Dashboard with a variety of analysis options

Our services include:

  • In-app Support: e.g. for the configuration of complex workflows
  • Incident support: identifying and fixing incidents in the system
  • Root-cause analysis of incidents
  • Connection of a user directory service (e.g. Active Directory)
  • Installation and upgrades of Atlassian products and apps
  • Initial configuration of Atlassian products and apps
  • Provision of an Issue Tracking System (Service Contract)
  • Bundling of communication with the manufacturer if required

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