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Would you like to use the advantages and flexibility of a cloud environment with your team or your company, but are unsure whether Atlassian Cloud is the right choice for your requirements? Or do you need support with the migration or implementation of Jira Cloud or Confluence Cloud? Then you've come to the right place. At catworkx, we offer our customers comprehensive advice and support tailored to their specific needs. This includes: Architecture consulting, assessment, license consulting, the migration or implementation of your cloud environment, training, regular health checks and much more.

catworkx Atlassian Cloud Portfolio

Architecture consulting

The aim of architecture consulting is to ensure that existing legacy systems (established, grown old systems) are embedded in the Atlassian cloud environment in a meaningful way and to develop appropriate technical concepts for this. The next step is to create detailed migration and phase plans.


During the assessment, the existing server or data center implementation is reviewed to determine whether migration to the Atlassian Cloud is sensible and feasible. Among other things, e.g.:

  • Implemented use cases
  • Apps used (possible substitution with new options)
  • Data volumes
  • Integration of external systems
  • User management

The review results in a proposal for further action and a cost estimate. In addition, a data protection impact assessment can be carried out in accordance with the GDPR.

License upgrade consulting

When switching to the Atlassian Cloud, complex license offers can arise due to different billing models for existing server or data center licenses. During the license upgrade consultation, the focus is particularly on the terms, the different price models and the integrated apps with the aim of simplifying the offer and achieving cost optimization.

Process analysis

During the process analysis, specialist concepts are developed that incorporate specific requirements, existing and new process structures and the resulting user stories. The results then form the basis for the agile project implementation, in combination with the implementation (via backlog and sprints). The process analysis can also be carried out in combination with process consulting, for example for the redesign of process organizations.


In the course of a SmartStart workshop, an individual prototype based on Jira, Jira Service Management or Confluence with defined use cases is created following a detailed requirements analysis. The first data, tasks and documents are visualized in a collaborative working environment. After an extensive test phase, the results are evaluated and recommendations for action are derived for a rollout or a follow-up project.

Proof of Concept (POC)

The proof of concept clearly focuses on the feasibility analysis of a project. During a workshop, similar to the SmartStart workshop, a prototype of the desired Atlassian environment is created based on predefined use cases. Based on the defined framework, it is possible to check specialist concepts in advance or prepare a planned implementation/migration, for example. Projects are thus planned and tested in advance. The POC is also supported by many years of catworkx best practices in order to achieve an optimal result.

DSFA support

In addition to the use of the "Standard Contractual Clauses" (SCC) following the abolition of the EU Privacy Shield (Schrems II ruling), we recommend in some cases


Before the migration, a runbook is first created with all relevant information on the operation of the Atlassian application and the associated processes. Once all preparations have been completed, the data and the configuration of one or more server or data center environments are transferred to the Atlassian Cloud.


Concentrated catworkx knowledge summarized in compact templates and configurations: catworkx blueprints provide ready-made and configured solutions and best-practice approaches. The templates allow specialist departments a quick and cost-effective introduction to specific Atlassian topics and methods. catworkx blueprints are currently available in the following versions:

  • SAFe®
  • PPM
  • ITSM
  • Change Management (coming soon)


IT-technical implementation of business concepts (realization concept): During the IT-technical implementation of an Atlassian Cloud, individual specialist concepts are transferred to the overall concept and implemented. This includes the following sub-areas:

  • Workflow modeling
  • Setting up rights and role models
  • Scripting / automation with available apps for the Atlassian Cloud
  • Definition of custom fields
  • Linking Atlassian products with each other (Jira Core, Jira Software, Jira Service Management, Confluence, Statuspage, etc.)

Cloud Customizing

catworkx develops customizations for Atlassian cloud products based on "Forge". This includes, for example, workflow optimizations in Jira, specific display panels or Confluence macros. If larger data storage is required for customizing, catworkx takes over the implementation and operation of the required server backend.

Cloud Apps

As a long-standing Atlassian Platinum Partner, catworkx also offers cloud apps via the Atlassian Marketplace, including: Teamworkx Issue Publisher for Jira and Teamworkx Issue Picker for Jira. Both apps are continuously developed and are often a functional component of catworkx blueprints.

Cloud integrations

Atlassian software is typically integrated into company-wide value streams. If required, catworkx develops interfaces to in-house systems (e.g. SAP or Salesforce) or to other cloud services used.

Identity Management

For many companies today, effective identity management is an essential part of controlling access authorizations and adhering to compliance guidelines. catworkx has many years of experience in connecting directory services via identity providers, which can be hosted locally or connected to the desired Atlassian application via web services.


Staging in the Atlassian Cloud offers flexible and effective options (e.g. setting up test systems) for companies. With the support of catworkx, company-specific staging procedures are evaluated and set up within a project.


As the world's largest provider of Atlassian training, catworkx conducts a wide range of official training courses for Jira and Confluence (Cloud, Server & Data Center). All training courses can be conducted remotely, in the catworkx training rooms or on site at the customer's premises. An individually compiled training program is also possible. Click here for the training calendar.

2nd Level Support

catworkx customers who need support for their Atlassian Cloud environment can contact our technical support team (by phone, email or remotely). Key users and administrators receive quick and uncomplicated assistance with questions and problems as well as support with the configuration or connection of systems.

User Helpdesk (UHD)

In addition to 2nd level support, catworkx customers also have the option of providing an internal helpdesk in their company, which is managed by catworkx. Support requests from employees can be submitted and processed here quickly and easily. Dispatching to other support channels also takes place if required.


Merging two independent Atlassian instances doesn't sound particularly spectacular at first. However, the actual merging, for example of an existing cloud system (or on-prem system) and a new system on a cloud instance, is usually a highly complex matter and should only be carried out under the guidance of experts if possible. catworkx has many years of experience in this area and has successfully implemented numerous merge projects.

Expert workshop / Health Check

This workshop format provides the ideal framework for discussing questions about an existing Atlassian implementation in detail with experts and developing suitable procedures and implementation strategies. This allows an implicit or explicit "health check" of an existing environment to be carried out. This workshop can also be used to define specific activities or as "help for self-help".

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