Atlassian Access

Enterprise-class governance and enhanced security for Atlassian cloud products

Central administration of all cloud products used

Atlassian Access provides a central admin console for managing the cloud products used, such as Jira, Confluence, Bitbucket and Trello. Atlassian Access enables the application of user-defined security policies for the entire organization. Users can set security controls and manage access via the admin console. The system helps to verify domains and can also connect to external SSO providers, including Okta, Google and Azure AD.

Protect data efficiently with authentication controls

As remote working and cyber security risks increase, companies can no longer avoid managing access rights and data protection issues. Atlassian Access provides an intelligent answer by allowing multiple authentication policies to be customized to meet specific requirements. It also helps with the automation of user provisioning (SCIM) and security after employees leave or join the company. This saves time and avoids error-prone manual processes.

Easily maintain an overview with the central admin console

Atlassian Access provides a central overview of the use of Atlassian Cloud products. Audit logs can be checked, product reports displayed and general usage monitored. This allows suspicious behaviour to be identified, shadow IT to be managed and product usage to be optimized.

Atlassian Access Überblick Authentifizierungsoptionen


  • Connect with external SSO providers

  • Automate user provision (SCIM)

  • Enforce two-step verification (2FA)

  • Revoke unauthorized API tokens

  • Review audit logs across the organization

  • Automatic display of product reports

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