Teamworkx Connector for Jira

Teamworkx Connector for Jira

The Teamworkx Connector for Jira enables collaboration across different applications. Through its robust and special data communication it creates connections to SAP®, and here in particular also to SAP Solution Manager, other Jira instances or third-party applications


Teamworkx Connector for Jira - Integration zu SAP, SAP Solution Manager, Jira, Custom Application

Integration with third-party applications

The Teamworkx Connector for Jira enables easy synchronization of Jira operations with third-party applications or with another Jira instance. It thus creates improved collaboration across different systems and helps to reduce manual multiple entries.

A classic application for the Teamworkx Connector for Jira is the connection to an SAP® application, which can be created together with the CAS CaseConnector from the company CAS. Typical use cases here are, for example, the exchange of issues/tickets with SAP Solution Manager for cost controlling, the creation of material master data, change management or asset maintenance, with operational case processing being controlled by tasks in Jira.


Teamworkx Connector for Jira - Robuste Kommunikationsarchitektur und Schnittstellenbeschreibung

Robust and dedicated communication architecture

But the Teamworkx Connector for Jira can do even more: It is characterized by a robust and special communication architecture that, for example, also establishes a connection to another Jira instance or to interfaces of third-party applications. For example, an integration with Salesforce has already been implemented on a customer-specific basis.

Datasource, Transformation, Targetsystem des Teamworkx Connector for Jira - bietet ETL (Extract, Transform, Load) angelehnten Prozess an mit komplexer Feldzuordnungen und auf Velocity-Skript basierende Transformation

For incoming data from different applications, the app provides an ETL (Extract, Transform, Load) like process. The data can be stored according to complex field mappings and velocity script based transformation of field values.

The main features of the Teamworkx Connector for Jira:

  • It provides a specialized REST API for connecting with third-party applications
  • It enables the definition of multiple clients with the integrated account management
  • It allows the definition of client-specific callbacks on Jira issue events.
  • It executes "Create", "Update" or "Transition" on incoming events to Jira issues 
  • It provides a configurable display panel at the Jira operation


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