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Why switching to the Atlassian Cloud is worthwhile now

Are you thinking about running your Atlassian applications in the cloud in the future? We will accompany you on your "Journey to Cloud" with our professional service and make the transition to the Atlassian Cloud manageable, plannable and reliable. At this point, we will inform you about the end of support for Atlassian servers and the opportunities and licensing options that arise for you as a result.

Vergleich Cloud und On Premises - Themen, Aufwände & Kosten

The real costs of cloud vs. on-premises

When companies switch from on-premises to the cloud, there are numerous advantages - including scalability and high availability. But what about the cost side? The answer may come as a surprise. Gartner, for example, estimates that migrating to the cloud can result in cost savings of as much as 55% in the long term.

End-of-life timeline for Atlassian servers

Migration Atlassian Cloud Roadmap - Zeitplan

Support for Atlassian Server products ends on February 15, 2024, but you can continue to enjoy all the benefits of Atlassian products by migrating to the cloud or data center. Updates on the latest functions of Atlassian products in the cloud can be found here in a roadmap.

Special licensing options for the Atlassian Cloud

Annual and monthly payment model

Think big, start small: Start with the Monthly Cloud with a small team. Initially only pay for active users in the cloud and switch directly to an annual payment after migration and rebuilding. catworkx also gives you the option of paying in euros (for using the cloud). This applies to both the monthly and annual variants. From a user tier of 26 users (min. 500 USD per month), there is the option of receiving a monthly invoice - per active user in the cloud. The advantage: customers who have 110 users, for example, do not have to buy 200 users in the annual plan and do not have to pay for 90 users even though they do not exist.

Loyalty Discount

The Cloud Loyalty Discount is an incentive for companies to migrate to the cloud. You are granted various discounts for new purchases, renewals or upgrades. The Loyalty Discount is a credit note - always in the same amount as the new/upgrade price. Until June 30, 2022 Server license purchased before February 2, 2021 Maintenance still running for at least 30 days For 1001+ users 40% discount on the current Cloud list price From July 1, 2022 - until June 30, 2023 Server license purchased before February 2, 2021 Maintenance still running for at least 30 days For 1001+ users 20% discount on the current Cloud list price For less than 1001 users, the discount does not apply The user scales per product always apply. Conclusion and thus securing of the loyalty discount possible for 12 and 24 months

Dual Licensing

Dual Licensing ensures that you do not incur any double costs during the migration phase and that you do not have to pay for the renewal of the server licenses. This means that after purchasing the cloud licenses, you receive a 100% discount on a renewal of the on-premises licenses for up to 12 months.

  • Buy an annual subscription for Cloud and continue to use Server/Data Center with maintenance for 12 months in parallel and free of charge

Warning: Only valid for Atlassian customers with 1001+ users. Required apps are still subject to a charge on both instances. An extension of the Server/Data Center licenses is no longer possible!

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