Smart Start

Targeted introduction of Atlassian products

Smart Start

With Smart Start as a service package, catworkx offers customers - after a detailed requirements analysis - an individual prototype based on Jira, Jira Service Management or Confluence. Initial data, tasks and documents are visualized in a collaborative working environment. After an extensive test phase, the results are evaluated and recommendations for action are derived for a rollout or a follow-up project.

The Smart Start consists of three phases:

The requirements analysis

Your requirements are recorded and prioritized in a structured manner at the beginning. This involves defining the goals that are to be achieved by using the Atlassian software solution. These requirements are modeled as well as possible. At the end of the first stage, your expectations are clearly defined, known to all stakeholders and initial processes are mapped in the system. This provides an initial assessment of the degree of coverage of the selected products in the standard version and defines a guideline for action. Documentation of open points and recommendations for action is provided.

The test phase

In the following two to a maximum of four weeks, the system is tested by the company. catworkx is available to answer any questions.


In a final workshop, the processes are run through again and any adjustments are discussed and incorporated. At the end of the acceptance process, all stakeholders know whether and which adjustments still need to be made. The further procedure for going live is also determined and a further recommendation for action is given.

Your benefits as a customer in summary:

  • Clearly defined duration and costs for the workshop

  • A clear course of action

  • A recommendation for action at the end of the SmartStart on how to proceed and the expected project costs

  • No effort required to set up an Atlassian environment

  • Prototype system created according to catworkx best practices

  • System is suitable for subsequent productive operation

  • All required licenses are provided for the test period

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