An overview with best practice approaches


As an Atlassian Platinum & Enterprise Solution Partner, catworkx specializes in customer-specific individual training with Jira applications and Confluence. You can find out below whether an expert workshop is suitable for your specific challenges:

You have come to the right place, if you ...

  • ... are looking for a process tracking program or a wiki system for your company or projects or are evaluating alternatives to your current systems.
  • ... are at the beginning of a Jira and/or Confluence implementation and are looking for appropriate advice.
  • ... after a Jira and/or Confluence implementation, need orientation in the application and structure determination.
  • ... want to transfer existing data and products to a Jira application and/or Confluence.
  • ... want to convince your colleagues or management of the benefits of a Jira application and/or Confluence.

What will you receive from catworkx?

You will receive a presence workshop from us - at your site or at catworkx in-house. Depending on the agreement, you can use a demo system in-house or you can choose a demo system which catworkx will make available to you. In either case, you will have a system immediately after the workshop with which you can work and broaden your experience.

  • Expert workshop with Jira applications: According to your problem definition, a workflow is set up and modeled in the Jira application, which can be used for further guidance.
  • Expert workshop with Confluence: In the Confluence-specific training, you will receive a Confluence space customized to your needs in terms of design, functionalities and templates.

Methodology & Implementation

catworkx reviews and defines the initial situation together with you before each workshop.

The objective and the respective acceptance criteria are defined together.

A use case is defined in consultation, which is modeled and discussed live in the subsequent workshop.

Following the training, a final assessment is carried out, which can lead to new objectives if necessary.

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