IT-Service-Management (ITSM)

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IT-Service-Management (ITSM)

On the basis of IT Service-Management (ITSM), (business) processes can be improved in terms of customer and service orientation - the use of the right tools and the structured organization of the IT department are important here. catworkx pursues the approach of avoiding dependencies and optimizing response times in the event of disruptions or change requests with the help of Atlassian tools. The aim is to guarantee the availability of the IT services visible to the customer. The focus is on maximum transparency.

Why implement IT Service Management with Atlassian solutions?

  • Create a clear, intuitive portal for every notifier
  • Support two language worlds independently of each other: ITILv3 vs. "Forgot my password"
  • Increase productivity in service through automatic dispatching
  • Save time in ticket prioritization with automatic ticket queues
  • Resolve requests before tickets arise with lively self-service

What do you receive from catworkx?

  • Summary of the objectives, road map and cost estimate in a project profile
  • Tested and evaluated requirements as part of a functionalities matrix
  • Iterative modeling of your requirements on a prototype system
  • Connection of a user directory service (e.g. Active Directory)
  • Scalable configuration of the Atlassian tools & apps
  • Conception & transfer of data from legacy systems
  • Interfaces to external systems (e.g. OTRS, Nagios)
  • Consulting and support from piloting to roll-out

How does catworkx proceed?

  • In four phases - Analysis, Implementation, Test and Roll-out

  • Central Control vs. Flexibility – Standardize workflows and individualize data masks

  • Modeling primarily in the standard

  • Apps, if multi-value

  • Customizing, if unavoidable

  • Iterative and partnership-based

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