SAFe® Implementation

Agile practices do not scale automatically

SAFe® Implementation

Large companies are increasingly relying on lean and agile methods to enable the transition to more effective product delivery strategies during digitalization. Today, the approach of agile, product-oriented teams often outperforms conventional, linear waterfall approaches. However, agile methods such as Scrum quickly reach their limits as soon as several teams in a large organization are working on the same product. Companies must therefore focus holistically on an agile product portfolio in order to switch to "agile" in a targeted manner and not just individual projects.

Why process management with Atlassian tools, SAFe® and catworkx?

Agile practices do not scale automatically. With the Scaled Agile Framework (SAFe®), catworkx offers a scaling technique that, in combination with Atlassian tools, can be used to visualize an entire company excellently, provided that the tools have been configured in a targeted and company-specific manner. When using SAFe®, large companies benefit from the "Big Picture", which can be used to clearly map the connections between a portfolio of ideas, planned initiatives and different team levels. This enables catworkx to organize the delivery of large-scale solutions while promoting team-oriented ideals such as productivity, predictability and quality.

catworkx has over 18 years of experience and offers solutions from a single source with its "Atlassian 360° Enterprise Solutions". From process consulting by certified SAFe® consultants to the selection and provision of Atlassian software by our own Atlassian experts to license management and performance optimization for Atlassian environments by OSS experts, catworkx provides the framework tailored to your company. Our team supports you in working agilely across the group or company.

What is SAFe®?

While agile working methods prove their worth in individual teams, they reach their limits when it comes to the company-wide project management of many teams. This is where SAFe® comes into play: by combining lean and agile methods, many projects and teams can be managed in parallel and in a coordinated manner. From strategic alignment and management through to production and delivery, SAFe® provides the project and process framework that larger companies can use to meet the challenges of digitalization. The company-wide complexity of the various processes can also be mapped and managed with SAFe®. The advantages: Work processes are made transparent beyond team boundaries and can therefore be better aligned and coordinated. Up-to-date reporting enables managers to make quick decisions based on the development status.

What is our approach?

  • Process: analysis, implementation, test and roll-out

  • Evaluation of necessary software and apps

  • Advice on license management

  • Analysis and optimization of your Atlassian environment

  • Customization - iterative and in partnership with the customer

SAFe® for lean enterprises Portfolio

What do you receive from catworkx?

  • Advice from SAFe®-certified consultants
  • Evaluation and scaling of your organization's requirements with regard to SAFe®
  • Joint evaluation of the assessment and support in the selection of Atlassian tools, including marketplace apps
  • Advice from Atlassian experts
  • Performance optimization for the Atlassian tools
  • Support during the change process by consultants
  • Implementation and configuration of Atlassian tools in use
  • License management of the Atlassian tools
  • Training by certified SAFe® consultants and training by certified Atlassian trainers

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