Confluence Cloud

The No. 1 knowledge exchange platform

Exchange information and collaborate efficiently

Creating, editing and organizing content in one place: Confluence Cloud offers teams and companies a platform to efficiently exchange information and collaborate.

Knowledge management

Knowledge Management mit Confluence Cloud

Create a single source of truth

Save time by pooling your teams' collective knowledge in one place and turning it into easy-to-find answers for everyone.

Cross-project cooperation

Project Plan - mit Confluence Cloud Projektpläne aufsetzen & Meilensteine definieren

Move your project work forward

From meeting notes to project plans: start and organize teamwork with a flexible workspace.

Employee Engagement

Employee engagement in der Confluence Cloud

Encourage open team communication

Encourage all teams - from marketing to support - to share announcements, strengthen company culture and give and receive feedback.

  • Breaking down team silos

    An open, networked structure enables the free flow of information between all employees in the company.

  • Build a shared knowledge base / company wiki

    Create a permanent knowledge base for your organization so that great ideas or verbal agreements don't get lost in a fleeting notification or chat.

  • Organize everything in one place

    From quarterly planning documents to blogs for new employees - everything is in one place.

  • Open teamwork and communication

    With features such as @mentionings or inline comments, employees at every level have the opportunity to contribute, share knowledge, give and receive feedback.

  • Specific templates for each team make it easy to get started right away

    Confluence is equipped with best-practice templates for different teams (HR, marketing, management, service, support, product), so you don't have to reinvent the wheel. Start simple and maintain consistency across teams and projects.

  • Over 60,000 customers worldwide use Confluence for their projects and collaboration

Best practice templates for various teams

Support - Dokumentation mit Confluence Cloud für den User-Service-Bereich erstellen
Engineering Hiring - mit Confluence Cloud den Recruitingprozess dokumentieren
Project Plan - mit Confluence Cloud Projektpläne aufsetzen & Meilensteine definieren
Product requirements - mit Confluence Cloud die Produktanforderungen definieren
Marketing Campaign - mit Confluence Cloud Marketing Kampagnen planen & steuern
Confluence Cloud - HR Optionen, Personalabteilung

User limit according to Confluence Cloud variants

Benutzerlimit (pro Site)
10 Benutzer
Für kleine Teams, die Projektinformationen und Entscheidungen dokumentieren möchten.
10.000 Benutzer
Für wachsende Teams, die zusammenarbeiten und Wissen austauschen möchten.
10.000 Benutzer
Für Unternehmen, die skalieren und dabei erweiterte Inhaltskontrollen nutzen möchten.
Mehr als 10.000 Benutzer
Für große Unternehmen mit Bedarf an globaler Skalierung, Sicherheit und Governance.

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