Teamworkx Push and Pull Favorites

Teamworkx Push and Pull Favorites

Centrally manage filters and dashboards in Jira and make them available: Teamworkx Push and Pull Favorites combines the functions of the two open source apps Dashboard Distribution and Filter Distribution, which are no longer maintained by catworkx, and offers various value-added functions.

The app offers various modes for adding filters and dashboards to users' favorites:

1) A periodically running cycle distributes all shared filters or dashboards of a specific user or group of users (corresponds to the old functionality of Dashboard and Filter Distribution).

Filter und Dashboards in Atlassian Jira mit Teamworkx Push and Pull Favorites zentral verwalten - Teamworkx Service Settings

2) A manual distribution mechanism for filters and dashboards to specific user groups is available for the Jira administrator.

Manueller Verteilvorgang für Jira-Admins  - Teamworkx Push and Pull Favorites

3) For a project administrator, the manual distribution mechanism is limited to filters and dashboards of his project and within the limits of the role members.

Eingeschränkter manueller Verteilmechanismus für Projektleiter - Teamworkx Push and Pull Favorites

For mode 2 and 3, the collective removal of favorites is also enabled. Dashboards are only distributed if all their filter-related gadgets are based on filters that are shared with the users who receive the dashboard as a favorite.

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