Smart Assessment

Optimal preparation for expansion and migration projects

Smart Assessment

With Smart Assessment catworkx offers a service package to customers who want to have their existing IT environment checked and evaluated, e.g. when changing the deployment (cloud, DC - or even to the Teamworkx Cloud) or a required upgrade. With a Smart Assessment, customers are optimally prepared for further expansion and possible migration or relocation work. At the end, customers receive a recommendation on how to proceed and the expected project costs.

The Smart Assessment consists of three phases:

Requirement analysis
  • Step 1: Actual recording of operating system configuration, Tomcat / JVM environment, resource utilization, application configuration and web server as well as database connection.
  • Step 2: Actual recording of system administration components of the application such as configuration, apps used, quantity structures of projects / fields / users etc.
  • Step 3: Evaluation of the survey results and development of recommendations for action, if available
  • Step 4: Transmission and coordination of the results and, if available, the possible optimization measures

Your benefits as a customer in summary:

  • Clearly defined costs for the assessment

  • Fixed duration

  • Recommendation for action at the end of the SmartAssessment regarding the next steps and the expected project costs

  • Incorporation of catworkx best practices (experience from migration and upgrade projects) into the analysis

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