Jira Align

Link between comprehensive business strategies and agile implementation

Jira Align

Jira Align (formerly AgileCraft) is the link between defining comprehensive business strategies and agile technical implementation.

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Jira Align supports the agile transformation of a company through the comprehensive networking of acting persons and teams. Proven agile frameworks such as SAFe 4.6, LeSS, or SCRUM@Scale are fully supported and mapped digitally. Any existing Jira software instance is also seamlessly integrated.

With Jira Align, distributed teams and executives stay on top of the latest implementation at all times - without wasting time or laborious information gathering.

Atlassian Jira Align - Idee: Skalierung durch die nahtlose Integration - die agile Transformation der Unternehmen unterstützen
Atlassian Jira Align - Teams auf Geschäftsstrategie ausrichten

Special features of Jira Align

Real-time view of all operations and information

All data - from team level to enterprise level - can be aggregated.

Alignment of individual teams with the business strategy

Every team member in the organization stays informed about the scope, timelines, and work deliverables, as well as the dependencies between each team.

Optimization of the value of the solution

Strategies, implementations and activities remain focused on generating "value" from the solution.

Support for all roles in agile transformation

Portfolio Manager

Providing information on the current status of strategic initiatives to investors, analysts and employees at all times.


Linking the strategy to the implementation with control of the implementation.

Implementing teams

Support the implementation of requirements in line with the business strategy.

Program Manager and Release Train Engineers

Efficient resource planning and easy implementation monitoring.

Product Manager

Periodization of "feature backlogs" and implementation monitoring using real-time roadmaps.

Agile transformation teams

Digital support of proven industry frameworks for agile transformation.

Atlassian Jira Align unterstützt alle Rollen in der agilen Transformation

According to a recent Gartner study, Jira Align (formerly AgileCraft) is by far the best product in supporting agile transformation in large enterprises. Our trained and certified SAFe Program Consultants, in collaboration with Atlassian, help you to efficiently and sustainably implement your specific requirements when introducing agile frameworks in the enterprise.

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