Project and Portfolio Management with Jira in the big picture

From basic functions and visualization with Gantt charts to resource management in BigPicture

BigPicture for Jira offers extensive functions for project or product management. Whether agile methods, the waterfall principle or a mixture of both - BigPicture provides many additional functions, such as resource planning, which Jira does not offer by default. In order to be able to use the popular tool in a targeted manner, catworkx offers the official training courses of the manufacturer Appfire.

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Contents of BigPicture training

The training course will provide you with the basic knowledge you need to use BigPicture. You will learn how to map agile processes with BigPicture, how project tracking works, how milestones and deadlines are met and how resource bottlenecks are recognized in project planning.

BigPicture training target group

The training is suitable for beginners as well as advanced users. No further requirements are necessary to participate in the training. However, experience with Jira is recommended.

The training courses are held in German.

With our online training courses, you can expand and deepen your knowledge - online, from the comfort of your own home or office. This saves you travel time and, of course, travel costs.

Our training team will prepare everything for you: You will receive all the information you need by e-mail.

We use Zoom as our video conferencing software. All you need to participate is an up-to-date web browser. We recommend Google Chrome or Firefox. It is not necessary to install any special software.

The training documents are available in PDF format.

The direct communication of learning content in our modern training rooms enables you to quickly absorb knowledge in a pleasant learning atmosphere. Get to know the content in depth and exchange ideas with other training participants in a relaxed atmosphere. Benefit from the interaction and group dynamics. The number of participants per training course is limited to 12.

If the training is open to the public, drinks and snacks are freely available to you during the training. At lunchtime, you will be served lunch, which we order to the office from one of the nearby restaurants. The meal will be requested in advance. Our face-to-face training sessions start at 09.00 a.m. or at another time by arrangement with you.

During the training, you will perform exercises in a pre-configured virtual environment provided by Appfire.

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