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Teamworkx Cloud

published Apr 09, 2019 03:30 PM
Hosting Atlassian Applications for your Enterprise based on Red Hat OpenShift: Typical Atlassian customers run very agile, highly scalable environments with the need to set up new Atlassian instances quickly and often without the involvement of the IT department. As a part of our Atlassian 360° Enterprise Solutions, catworkx developed Teamworkx Cloud as an OpenShift based offering for our Atlassian customers. It includes a fully preconfigured, highly scalable, fully automated Atlassian environment. catworkx choose Red Hat OpenShift for building a stronger hybrid cloud and native Docker integration.

LogoWith  high  performance  in  mind,  catworkx  choose  OpenShift by Red Hat as  the foundation  for  this  intelligent  Atlassian  platform  offering.  Hereby catworkx embraces the natively integrated support for technologies like  Docker  to  build  a  better,  stronger  hybrid  cloud  including Amazon  Web  Services,    Azure,  Google  Cloud  platform  and  more. OpenShift  is  built  with  container  security,  support  and  upgrades for   Enterprises   in   mind   and   is   therefore   the   ideal   platform. Teamworkx Cloud is easy to install on-premises software as well as offered  as a full service hosted by catworkx. In addition to various Atlassian  offerings,  it  also  includes  additional  apps  developed  by catworkx  focused  on  the  automation  of  system  administration  and maintenance tasks of Atlassian based systems.

As  far  as  we  know,  catworkx  is  currently  the  only  Atlassian  Partner  who provides a focused offering around the intelligent platform for Atlassian enterprise customers.

Comparsion Teamworkx CloudKey benefits at a glance:

  • Application as a service for Atlassian tool
  • Highly scalable, fully automated Atlassian environment
  • On-Premises software with Cloud functions or managed hosting by catworkx
  • Self-service deployment Jira / Confluence / Bitbucket
  • Expandable with 2,000+ Atlassian Marketplace Apps
  • Platform monitoring incl. Service User Interface

Teamworkx by catworkx intelligently combines services, operations solutions and apps into a complete enterprise portfolio for the Atlassian Ecosystem.

Get more information regarding Teamworkx Cloud and the entire service portfolio of the Teamworkx Enterprise Products by catworkx:

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