Teamworkx Configuration Publisher

Visibility of configuration details of Jira projects is reserved for Jira administrators. There is no possibility to change documents and to generate a history for tracking. With the Teamworkx Configuration Publisher from catworkx this barrier is removed without the need to change the permissions structure.

The App Teamworkx Configuration Publisher also provides a compact view of the configuration for project administrators and experienced users. In addition, the Teamworkx Configuration Publisher enables sustainable change management for Jira. The process and project management software Jira knows different levels of administration and not at each level configurations are equally visible. Thus, in addition to the actual Jira administrator, who has all rights for administration, there are project administrators, with limited administrative possibilities for their respective projects, but who do not have insight into the group membership of users, for example, although this would be useful and necessary for them.

The Teamworkx Configuration Publisher allows to publish the current configuration settings of Jira projects into a Confluence document and also into other file formats. You have the choice to output the configurations of all Jira projects or only of single projects.

1. choose from different templates
Start with some templates that will be available for Jira after installing Teamworkx Configuration Publisher. Choose the template that suits your needs or create new templates according to the documentation.

2. create a link to your Confluence area
Once the app is set up, it remembers the link to your Confluence section – so you can start exporting right away.

3. or export to other file formats
Select the correct publication formats from the templates. Besides the Confluence Storage Format the formats HTML, XLS, XLSX, CSV are supported.

Create documentation with one click

Due to its high degree of configuration options, Jira is particularly flexible and adaptable. However, the quick and easy configurability always tempts to make ad hoc changes without special processes – not to mention documentation. This makes it extremely difficult to track changes made during the life cycle of a Jira project. Since there is no sustainable change management support at project level for Jira except a rudimentary audit log, this app was also developed to document changes on a project-specific basis.

The app makes use of a standard Confluence feature that overwrites the existing configuration documentation on the same Confluence page whenever a project configuration is changed. Using the standard history of Confluence pages, changes to configurations can then be revealed by simple version comparison.

Rendering a Jira Project

Quickly detect changes to the Jira configuration with Confluence

The implementation of sustainable change management for Jira is taken to a new level with the new Teamworkx Configuration Publisher. The app from catworkx creates the necessary transparency about the project configurations, which also allows project administrators to perform their administration tasks in a serious manner.

A time-saving addition for any Jira instance

The Teamworkx Configuration Publisher helps administrators to document complex and diverse Jira configurations and to detect possible misconfigurations. This makes it a time-saving addition that belongs in every Jira instance.

The export functions

The Teamwork Configuration Publisher exports the configuration of your entire Jira Project or a single Jira Project to various file formats. It supports the following export formats:

  • Confluence
  • HTML

All generated content is created by applying templates to the data of the Jira projects. These templates are stored in the Jira SQL database and can be modified and even completely new templates can be created.

30 day free trial

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