Atlassian Dev Tools

Tools to optimize the collaboration of development teams. Browse, test, review and manage your code with Atlassian development tools.

Code Management with Bitbucket

Git repository management for professional development teams

Bitbucket Server (formerly Stash) provides secure and fast source code management for Git on its own server, protected by its own firewall. Git repositories are easy to create and provide and manage with fine-grained permissions for users and groups. Bitbucket’s project structure provides a quick, up-to-date overview of the entire development workflow of the dev project, starting with planning/problem definition, followed by coding and merging. Pull requests can also be used to check the code regularly and improve the quality.

Bitbucket Cloud – Git and Mercurial Hosting in the Cloud:

With Bitbucket from Atlassian, Git and Mercurial source codes can be easily managed, reviewed and shared in the cloud – ideal for team collaboration. Bitbucket provides all necessary functions for version management of public and private repositories including integrated lists for open questions, wikis, code comments or pull requests. For small teams of up to five users Bitbucket is free of charge.

Code quality optimization with Atlassian Dev Tools

Bamboo – Continious Integration and Release Management: The process monitoring supports you in optimizing the quality of the source code. Changes of the automatic compilation are displayed immediately; bugs can be found quickly.

Fisheye – Insight into the source code repository: Finding, understanding and updating the information hidden in the source code is usually very difficult. FishEye opens up the repository so that you can easily track all changes to the source code.

Crucible – Efficient Source Code Checking: Regardless of the development process, Crucible lets you check all changes made to the source code. Comments such as optimization suggestions can be directly assigned to the relevant place in the source code.

Clover – Analysis of Code Quality: Clover increases the performance and quality of your tests. It also provides a wealth of information to support the validity of the test results. Clover is a powerful and versatile configurable code coverage tool for measuring and analyzing code coverage. It shows the areas of code that have not been properly tested by your unit tests.

Crowd – Single Sign On: The web-based software simplifies the order management and personal management of each user. Single Sign On allows access to all Atlassian products used by the respective employee.

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