New service portal for effective work

95 studios of Germany's second largest fitness provider will benefit from modern and user-friendly service portal in the future.

Those who want to enable optimal collaboration between customers, employees and service providers rely on a central and functional service portal. TIMETOACT implements a new service portal for FitX with Jira Service Management and thus replaces the former system in a short time. With the modern and user-friendly Atlassian tool, problems, malfunctions and damage can be easily reported and specifically processed in all 95 fitness studios in the future. By migrating to the cloud, the fitness company is taking the next step in its consistent digital strategy.

  • Outdated tool for service management in use
  • Requirement could no longer be mapped
Core requirement:

Implementation of a new user-friendly service portal with a modern layout for effective ticket processing

  • Jira Service Management from Atlassian as new service portal
  • Workshops to determine all functionalities
  • Configuration and individual adjustments
  • Implementation of the service portal in the Atlassian Cloud
Additional value:
  • Asset management for mapping the category tree
  • User-friendliness through modern layout and optimization for mobile devices
  • Transparency of responsibilities
  • Effective ticket processing

Extremely impressive how fit TIMETOACT is in terms of technical implementation. We had the feeling of being very well looked after, as the consultants knew exactly what they were doing. We could rely at all times on everything being built and implemented cleanly.

Tina WichmannTeam Lead Application ManagementFitX

Need for a cloud-based service portal

Effective service management is characterized by optimized IT processes and efficient workflows. The service portal used for this purpose is designed to help employees improve collaboration and respond quickly to reported problems. FitX, Germany's second-largest fitness provider, was using a tool for this purpose that could no longer cope with the growing requirements of what is now 95 studios. Studio-wide problem, malfunction and damage reports on fitness equipment or the studio building are processed by several teams at headquarters. To ensure a good overview and ease of use in the future, a new service portal was needed for the efficient creation and processing of tickets - because additional locations are already being planned.   

The core requirements should be limited to the most important points so that hardly any customizing is necessary and the tool thus remains scalable for later requirements and further expansion of the company.

Core requirement:
The core requirement in the project was to implement a new service portal with a modern layout that enables user-friendly and intuitive operation, makes workflows and notifications easy to control, and is both mobile and offline capable. The tool needed to be able to map the existing category tree to capture the framework as accurately as possible and assign responsibilities. Migration to the cloud was also central.

We decided to work with TIMETOACT because they convinced us with the demo they presented, the concrete project plan and the professional advice - and we are very happy with this decision.

Tina WichmannTeam Lead Application ManagementFitX

Custom configuration of Jira Service Management in the Atlassian Cloud

FitX chose Jira Service Management as its new service portal. Jira is a ticket system developed by Atlassian specifically for service teams to optimize workflows. The fitness company already uses Jira software and Confluence from Atlassian, so the new service portal could be integrated into the existing tool landscape in a meaningful way.

In mid-August 2021, TIMETOACT was commissioned for the configuration of a service portal that meets the requirements and thus for the integration of Jira Service Management. The starting point was formed by comprehensive workshops to determine the functionalities of the current tool on the one hand and to record the individual requirements of the fitness studio on the other. Based on this, Jira Service Management was reconfigured and adapted to FitX's needs.

The implementation of the service portal in the Atlassian Cloud did not require any administrative activities by the TIMETOACT experts, but was mainly limited to the configuration of the new tool. Therefore, the project was completed quickly and on schedule at the beginning of October 2021.

Use of a functional service portal studioweit

The defined technical and functional goals were fully implemented in the project. With Jira Service Management, the fitness company now has a modern service portal in all studios for reporting and processing problems and faults:

  • Asset management in the category tree:
    The use of the Jira Service Management Premium Cloud allows the administration of an asset management based on Insights. In addition, it is possible to map the complex category tree of the gyms and thus query and store relevant information in the forms. For example, the exact location, studio, floor, room and device can be selected for a damage report. 

  • User-friendliness:
    Implemented Quality of Life features - for example, a modern layout and configuration also for mobile devices - make the new tool easy and user-friendly to use.

  • Transparency:
    The service portal collects all tickets created and provides information on the processing status and responsibilities at any time. Due to the linking of the relevant information by the asset management, it is clearly visible which problem exists at which time in which gym. 

  • Effective processing:
    Although incidents are received at headquarters as before, they are now automatically assigned to the appropriate processing teams with all necessary and linked information.

The project benefited especially from the very good cooperation with the FitX project team, which was very fast and competent in providing input.

Arne RalfTechnical Lead AtlassianTIMETOACT

TIMETOACT as maintenance and support partner in the future

Within six weeks, a new service portal was configured and implemented with Jira Service Management and the migration to the cloud was implemented.

Optional goals will now be implemented in a further project phase. These include, above all, a better notification system in the long term. In the event of a critical failure, Opsgenie (also included in the Premium Cloud version) can report high-priority incidents to the right employees via various communication channels as part of incident management or even have them escalated automatically. Basically, the category tree still needs to be expanded and additional requirements that arose during the course of the project need to be implemented.

During the course of the project, the FitX team was trained as far as possible in the use of Atlassian so that they will be able to support Jira Service Management themselves in the future. Nevertheless, TIMETOACT continues to be available to the fitness company as a maintenance and support partner for questions, in addition to implementing the optional goals.

Technologies used:

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FitX was founded in Essen in 2009. Since then, the fitness company has grown rapidly and now has 95 studios nationwide. The company has a clear vision: For all of us - making fitness accessible to everyone with the help of a transparent offering.


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