Scaled agility with Atlassian tools

Agile transformation at the enterprise level

Successful scaling agile teams

Greater transparency, efficiency and customer focus - the benefits of agile methods and tools have become an integral part of the modern working world. Scaling agility (enterprise agility) is therefore the next logical step for many companies and an investment in the future. However, what works well on a small scale can become a real challenge when scaled up to several teams or the entire company.

We are happy to advise and support you in the agile transformation in your company, starting with planning, methodology, tool selection and implementation through to training your employees - we get involved with you at the point of transformation where you currently are and pick up the thread together.

Personal initial consultation, product demo for Jira Align & quotation preparation - all free of charge!

What does scaled agility actually mean?

Scaled agility means adopting the principles of agile ideas and approaches across teams on the one hand and introducing a cultural change within the company on the other. Of course, this takes time, but the benefits are obvious:

Greater focus on customer orientation

Dynamic adaptation to changing market conditions

More effective implementation of strategies

More openness for change

Transparent and cross-team planning and progress tracking

Faster decision-making processes through more autonomy at team and program level

Greater employee motivation through more focus and transparent connection of work with corporate goals

Shorter 'time to market' and higher ROI

Atlassian tools and apps for agile solutions

Atlassian tools optimally support agility at all levels (team, program, portfolios, etc.). It is important to know this: There is not one tool and one solution, but different tools with a wide range of possible uses, which can be specifically adapted with apps and functionally expanded and scaled as required. Another option is to build on the "Teamworkx Scaling Agile Blueprint" preconfigured by catworkx.

Jira Software

As the basis and central point of contact for agile transformation, with maximum flexibility and expandability with apps.


Employees and ideas united in one tool that provides a common context.

Portfolio for Jira

Visualization of tasks for a "Team of Teams" or a single program.


Git repository management for professional development teams.


Continuous integration and release management to optimize the quality of source code.

Our recommended extensions for Jira Software:

Visualization of Gantt charts through to resource management - BigPicture for Jira offers extensive functions for project or product management. Whether agile methods, the waterfall principle or a mixture of both - BigPicture provides many additional functions that Jira does not offer out of the box.

Agile Hive
Agile Hive is a solution for implementing the Scaled Agile Framework (SAFe®) in Jira. It makes it possible to map SAFe® with its artifact hierarchy in Jira and offers comprehensive PI planning, roadmapping, reporting, visualized dependencies, automated documentation and other powerful features.

Start directly and comfortably into the agile transformation with the "Teamworkx Scaling Agile Blueprint" from catworkx. You will receive a preconfigured system for a release train with Jira, including apps, training and support through the first PI Planning.

Overview: "Teamworkx Scaling Agile Blueprint"

Übersicht zu Vorgehensweise bei Scaling Agile Blueprints mit catworkx, Teamworkx und SAFe® Trainings

Jira Align

Enterprise solution for linking strategies with execution and results

Jira Align - Atlassian

Jira Align increases agility in companies by linking the corporate strategy with implementation and business results. It allows you to visualize team progress, current status and potential issues. Align is designed to add value at every level - programs, solutions and portfolios. Only with Jira Align can you freely choose your framework. Customized or hybrid versions are also supported.

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Methodical consulting - Agile Transformation Excellence

The prerequisite for using the right tooling is anchoring agility in the corporate culture. Our aim here is to offer every customer the best possible advice and support, regardless of the size of the company and maturity level of the agile transformation. We also work closely with CGI's experienced experts in business agility and change management to provide methodological and tool-specific advice.

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Our certified SAFe Program Consultants, Scrum Masters and Project Managers will work with you to find the best way to get started and support you:

  • for your agile transformation

  • Coaching agile teams

  • in the preparation and implementation of PI planning

  • for a SAFe implementation

  • for the tool selection

  • in the introduction of Lean Portfolio Management

Get off to an agile start at scale now

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SAFe®, BigPicture & Jira Align trainings

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