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Data Security and Privacy

published Jun 30, 2017 05:10 PM
The protection and privacy of your data is important to us. At catworkx, we have strict rules for security and privacy protection of your data. This is particularly important for personal data like name and e-mail address which can be used to identify an individual.


catworkx provides its customers with Cloud Add-ons for Atlassian Cloud Products. These Add-ons are made available via the Atlassian Connect Add-on Framework and sold via the Atlassian Marketplace (Marketplace).
This data security and privacy statement provides an overview of the collection and processing of data. All data which is created by a user of a Cloud Product and stored when using the Atlassian Cloud Products is further referred to as customer data.

Data Security

We use state-of-the-art technology and organizational measures to guarantee data security, especially with regards to personal data of our customers. We regularly check and adapt these measures to conform to current accepted procedures. For any further questions regarding our data security concept, please contact us at the following addresses: catworkx GmbH, 21079 Hamburg, 

Data Storage

Generally, customer data is stored in the according Atlassian Cloud Products. Please refer to the following link for Atlassian’s Cloud Product Security Statement:
In this respect, the following exceptions are made for all Cloud Add-ons:
Atlassian Account Data:
Our Cloud Add-ons store data which are generated by Atlassian. This refers to data which are necessary to establish communication between our Cloud Products and the Atlassian Products the customer is using. Access is read-only and restricted to the meta data of the plugin providing information on the installation and licensing status. Operational data of customer systems is not accessed at all. Furthermore, neither user names nor passwords are communicated to our Cloud Products and hence, not stored. All data records referring to the Atlassian system will be deleted irrevocably 180 days after the cancelation of the licensing agreement.

Location of Data Storage

Oregon, USA

Access to Customer Data

At catworkx, only authorized members of our support and development teams have access to customer data.

End of Subscription

After cancelation of Cloud Services by the customer, customer data will be marked for deletion. If the customer does not renew the Cloud Services subscription, customer data will be deleted no later than 180 days after the cancelation. The customer can contact us at any time if data is required to be deleted before these 180 days expire.