As part of our series #wirsindcatworkx, we introduce you to our locations in Germany, Austria and Switzerland and give you an insight into our offices. This time we visit our colleagues in beautiful Vienna.

Our office in Vienna

catworkx Vienna_Gußhausstrasse 23

The catworkx office at Gußhausstraße 23/1/18 in Vienna is located at a historical site in the 4th district. The Gußhausstraße owes its name to the former Gußhaus, which was built in 1750 as a k.k.. Kanonengießerei was built. 1861 followed the k.k. Art foundry, 1869 the Makartatelier. Today, the Gußhaus Campus of the Technical University resides here.

Right next to it is the imposing house at number 23, which was part of the Falkensteinpalais, an imposing ensemble of houses built in 1887-1889 as a representative city palace for Maximilian Theobald Reichsfreiherr von Treuenfeld, Graf zu Falkenstein. On the ground floor, the restaurant Buchecker & Sohn offers classic old Viennese cuisine, much to our delight. Many other restaurants and shops nearby enliven our district, which is also called the “embassy district” because of the many embassies.

The catworkx branch at Gußhausstraße 23 was established in October 2016 in Top 18 on the third floor, on Staircase 1, and now covers almost the entire 3rd floor (Top 18 and Top 20 of Staircase 2). We are now 11 employees at the Vienna location, but still have room for more. Especially our Atlassian experts always look forward to the exchange with new colleagues.

Due to the office expansion that took place in May 2020, we have now also added a community room that is right next to the kitchen. This is where we like to sit together: for breakfast, lunch or the occasional after-work beer. It is also very nice when our external colleagues are in our office, then we not only talk shop, but also joke around and laugh a lot – all captured on our growing picture wall. (big grin)

Well – and then there is our team-own Pilates trainer Martin with great do-it-yourself videos. (wink)

Just come by for a “Kaffeetschie” (as the Viennese say), we are always happy to have visitors…


Feel free to look around to get a better idea!