The profession of software developer is more in demand than ever. They are the architects behind functioning software systems. A day can sometimes be long – which makes it all the more important to work in an environment in which you feel comfortable. We asked our “guys” what they do all day long and what they have to “stand up for” at catworkx. Our developer Jörn answered us.

Please introduce yourself and tell us what your job is at catworkx?

Jörn: My name is Jörn, I am a software engineer (FH) and now 47 years old. I have been a developer at catworkx for 20 years.

Jörn Friebe

Du sprichst gerade stellvertretend für Dein Team – kannst Du uns erzählen, wofür euer Team genau zuständig ist und worin eure Aufgabe liegt?

Jörn: Die Hauptaufgabe liegt – wie der Name schon sagt – im Entwicklungsbereich. Die Bandbreite ist relativ groß – jeder von uns ist mit allen Tätigkeiten der App-Entwicklung beschäftigt: dem App-Design(en), der Programmierung, der Testung.

Wir sind aber auch in der Beratung der Kunden, z.B. bei der Sichtung der Anforderungen dabei. Wir können dann gleich lenkend eingreifen, wenn die Wunschvorstellung des Kunden von der realen Umsetzung zu weit entfernt ist. Wir beteiligen uns also insgesamt mit an der Problemlösung, sind Ansprechpartner, wenn es um spezielle Systeme geht, oder es Fragen zum Datenaustausch gibt.

Konkret läuft das dann ungefähr so ab:

Once the requirements are fixed and recorded, “so the customer threatens with the order”, we start with the app design in the first step. I.e., we do the software design in order to be able to specify a rough implementation path. This is then used to make an effort estimate. Once the cost estimate is approved by the customer, the next step is the implementation phase, where we actually do some programming (many people think that this is the only task of a developer ;-)). Of course, this phase also includes testing (but this is not the final acceptance, it always comes from the customer). This is then almost the end of the whole story.

Then, of course, we are also responsible for supporting the apps. The feedback – should there be a problem with the app – runs up to the consultant, who then approaches us and we support him in evaluating the errors and take care of the bug fix(es). This also applies to the active apps on the Atlassian Marketplace – here we are of course also available for support, in case of complaints or problems.

When do you get into the game?

Jörn: We always come into play when a customer cannot find his solution on the Atlassian Marketplace – and needs (his) own solution.

Are there any particular challenges in your field? If so, what are they?

Jörn: The only challenge is the wide range of tasks … 😅. Just like the deadlines and sometimes the chaos around you, but that’s part of it and you just have to take it with humor.

And is there anything you particularly enjoy, care about or like about your job?

Jörn: Personally, I like the workshops with the customers and the associated promlem solutions … Ilike the requirements gathering, but I especially appreciate the humor of the development department that prevails here in the team.

Can you describe a typical working day for you?

Jörn: Computer on, work through issues, computer off :-). We work against tasks every day – and every day is different. Sometimes there are days when you can do a lot of programming. As last …

What tech stack are you working with?

Jörn: At the company, I have an Eclipse environment for programming, database-wise everything we can support, Jira, Confluence from Atlassian – of course. 😉 Jira for our tasks, Confluence for documentation and/ or also for requirements, app design. Then we have Bitbucket from Atlassian in use. And of course Zoom – in times of Corona and home office a true and good tool.

What skills – from your point of view – does someone need to enter or work in this profession?

Jörn: I’m always in favor of people having a computer science degree. Then they bring the necessary IT understanding (for software development at least), the necessary knowledge – the rest can be learned.

And what do you say to catworkx?

Jörn: There is a new development – with the takeover by TIMETOACT GROUP – things are changing right now. Nevertheless, catworkx is like a family to me. I feel comfortable here.