Professional support for the migration of your Atlassian environment

Have you decided to migrate your Atlassian applications to the cloud and are looking for a strong partner to help you make a smooth transition? As a long-standing Platinum & Enterprise Solution Partner of Atlassian, catworkx supports you in all aspects of cloud migration or the introduction of the appropriate cloud solution. Benefit from our extensive migration experience or our Migration Assessment.

What are customers saying about their migration to the cloud?

In a TechValidate survey of 320 Atlassian customers who have migrated to the cloud, 90% recommend Atlassian Cloud products. The benefits of migrating to the cloud are clear: cost savings on hardware and hosting, minimized manual effort for upgrades, and improved performance. The TechValidate survey also sheds light on why the cloud switch is often much easier than expected.

Smooth change with our experts

Need help migrating or implementing Jira Cloud or Confluence Cloud? Then you have come to the right address. At catworkx, we offer you holistic consulting and support, precisely tailored to your specific needs. This includes: Architecture consulting, assessment, licensing consulting, the migration or implementation of your cloud environment, training, regular health checks and much more.

Webinar on demand

Ready for Atlassian Cloud - Exploiting the opportunities of a migration

Many Atlassian customers are currently looking to move their Jira and Confluence environments to the cloud. But what opportunities does migration actually offer? Expert tips are available in our free webinar on demand.

Migration Assessment powered by catworkx

To minimize risk and ensure your success, we perform a thorough technical assessment of your Atlassian environment prior to migration.

Among other things, the following will be examined

  • Implemented Use-Cases
  • Used apps (possible substitution by new options)
  • Data volumes
  • Integration of external systems
  • User Management

In addition, a data protection impact assessment can be carried out in accordance with the DSGVO.

The review will result in a proposal for further action and an effort assessment. The aim of the evaluation is to give you a clear recommendation based on concrete technical data and cost-benefit considerations.

Success Story

Advantage Saas solution: Improved IT security and usability

Seamless migration from on-premises to the Atlassian Cloud at Oetiker

What migration options do I have for my server environment?

Following the announcement of Atlassian’s cloud-first strategy or the end of support for server applications, many organizations are facing the challenge of migrating their Atlassian applications to a new environment – cloud or data center. Both deployment variants offer advantages and disadvantages and we will be happy to advise you on evaluating and implementing the right solution for your requirements. If both variants are not suitable for your requirements, catworkx also offers a hybrid variant: With Teamworkx Cloud Hosted, you neither have to do without your proven on-premises functionalities nor operate your own infrastructure, catworkx will take care of that for you. As you can see, a migration is not only black or white, there are many possibilities and chances, which we would like to find out together with you and transform into the optimal solution for your enterprise.

DeploymentCloudData CenterHybrid
Modelsoftware as a serviceOn-PremisesOn-Premises as a Service
MigrationServer >> CloudServer >> Data CenterServer/Data Center >> Teamworkx Cloud Hosted
HostingAtlassian hostedHosting in our own data centerhosted by catworkx

Heading to the Atlassian Cloud?

Contact us with any questions about your cloud migration or for your custom assessment.

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    Ten misconceptions about migrating to the Atlassian Cloud - and the truth

    In the whitepaper, we clear up common misconceptions about migrating to Atlassian Cloud and share recent migration experiences and customer practice tips.

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      Practical tips for a successful cloud migration

      In der Cloud verändert sich die Lage schnell.

      Die Cloud ist eine sehr dynamische Umgebung. Atlassian reagiert auf Kundenfeedback und nimmt häufig Verbesserungen an der Cloud, den Migrationsmöglichkeiten, dem Marketplace und dem Support vor.

      Nutzen Sie die verlängerte Cloud-Testphase.

      Dieses speziell auf migrationswillige Unternehmen ausgelegte Angebot vereinfacht die Migrationsplanung. Standardmäßige Cloud-Testphasen gelten nur sieben Tage lang und sind damit zu kurz, um die Lösung ausführlich zu erkunden, die Migration genau zu planen und Tests durchzuführen.

      Berücksichtigen Sie Apps früh und umfassend.

      Wenn Ihr Unternehmen Apps nutzt, sollten Sie besser zu früh als zu spät mit der Bewertung beginnen und Migrationspfade ermitteln. So treten Probleme nicht erst später bei der eigentlichen Migration auf.

      Tests sind das A und O.

      Testen, testen und noch mal testen: Nach ausführlichen Tests laufen Produktionsmigrationen glatter. Notieren Sie bei Tests zur Benutzerakzeptanz, an welchen Stellen die Benutzer Fragen haben. Berücksichtigen Sie dies beim Onboarding und in den Schulungsmaterialien.

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      We are available to answer any questions you may have about Atlassian Cloud Migration.
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