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There is usually a way to address the technological needs of customers that can satisfy both sides. In our case, the instrument we use for this is Atlassian, their products, the apps from their marketplace and those we develop ourselves. That is the tool which serves us to prove a collaboration model truly successful for all parties: customers, employees, providers and associates / shareholders. And the result of this model is the complete satisfaction for everybody.

Back at 1998, DEISER was one more technology company struggling to carry out its activity in the best possible way, but lacking a clear identity, mission or concrete values. The company’s -its associates’- DNA was to do the best possible job within a too wide variety of activities, some of them diluting each other. There were too many things in scope to do them well. The irruption of Agile, the arrival of Jira (and Atlassian) to DEISER, and the need to reinvent ourselves as a company in the middle of the world crisis of 2007-2012 showed us the way.