Skalierte Agilität für Business Leader

E-paper: 10 steps to high-performance Scaled Agile teams

Scaled agility for business leaders

10 Schritte zu hochperformanten Scaled-Agile-Teams als E-Paper

Greater competitiveness, better adaptation to constantly changing market conditions and a broad scope for innovation - there are a number of good reasons for venturing more agility in the company. However, the path to implementing scalable and company-wide agility is not in the DNA of many companies. Although there is often an intention to invest in agile teams, the path to this usually appears fragmented and not strategically bundled.

Find out in our 10 tips how you can specifically promote agility in your company and how Jira Align can help you scale your teams and programs.

Download: 10 steps to high-performance Scaled Agile teams

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Jira Align is the right tool for your company if you:

  • Already use Jira Software as a team tool.
  • have experience in agile quarterly planning (e.g. PI Planning).
  • have been practicing agile in your teams for six months or longer.
  • would like to drive forward the analysis and optimization of your Atlassian environment.
  • are ready to connect Jira Align with Jira to work on real tasks.

Our trained and certified SAFe® Program Consultants will be happy to help you implement your specific requirements efficiently and sustainably when introducing agile frameworks in your company.

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