Portfolio Project Management (PPM)

All your projects in view

Portfolio Project Management (PPM)

The implementation of Project Portfolio Management with Atlassian Tools supports the visibility of global project and quality management tasks as well as Cross-Project Information and Knowledge Management - all from a single platform. All of an organization's ongoing and planned projects can be permanently prioritized, coordinated and controlled.

Why implement Project Portfolio Management with Atlassian solutions?

  • Create transparency on status, consumption, progress and risks
  • Support agile and classic methodologies with one Tool platform
  • Increase efficiency through cross-team collaboration
  • Ensure process consistency from the idea to the result
  • Save time on reporting with always up-to-date dashboards
  • Replace outdated or cost-intensive tool solutions

What will you receive from catworkx?

  • Summary of the objectives, road map and cost estimate in a project profile
  • Tested and evaluated requirements as part of a functionalities matrix
  • Iterative modeling of your requirements on a prototype system
  • Connection of a user directory service (e.g. Active Directory)
  • Scalable configuration of the Atlassian tools & apps
  • Conception & transfer of data from legacy systems
  • Interfaces to external systems (e.g. SAP)
  • Consulting and support from piloting to roll-out

How does catworkx proceed?

  • A four-phase approach - analysis, implementation, test and roll-out

  • First in - from incident to change

  • Modeling primarily in the standard

  • Apps, if multivalued

  • Customizing, if unavoidable

  • Iterative and cooperative

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