Digitale Transformation mit Atlassian Tools und catworkx

Digital Transformation

Digital Transformation for Business Teams with Atlassian Tools

Digital Transformation for Business Teams

The digitalization of the work environment, with its many facets and manifestations, such as Workplace 4.0 or the topic of agilization, has become an integral part of today's world. It offers companies extensive opportunities to develop new business models (known as disruption) and implement processes. At catworkx, we digitalize business processes for our customers on the basis of Atlassian Tools, such as Jira and Confluence, because we are convinced of the flexibility, performance and transparency of the products for smooth team collaboration.  

Three phases of digital Transformation in companies

During the first phase, the established company processes are transferred to faster and simpler systems. For example, Excel-based project management based on a waterfall model can be transferred to an interconnected system - e.g. Jira combined with Confluence - to significantly simplify recording, administration and reporting.

The advantage: in most cases, paper documents are significantly reduced. The use of Jira and Confluence makes project planning, reporting and implementation transparent in real time and simplifies all project communication enormously. 

Digitale Transformation Phase 1: Optimierung und Kostensenkung durch Digitalisierung der Informationen.

The second phase involves adding new input options to the existing processes and better integrating business partners. Sometimes the existing system is also changed completely: the task assignment is then switched from a push to a pull principle.

The advantage: new service models can be offered and access to new markets for products and services is made significantly easier. Collaboration between business partners, customers and employees takes place via previously defined company processes. The proven security standards and flexible customization options of Jira and Confluence provide great support for implementation. 

Digitale Transformation Phase 2: Erweiterungen durch Service-Digitalisierung mit Umsatzsteigerungen

At the third phase, the existing business model is called into question. Digitalization is then used to look for opportunities for disruption. In extreme cases, this can lead to completely new products or approaches and really shake up a company.

The goal: Ultimately, the aim is always not only to remain competitive and fit for the future, but also to open up new business areas and opportunities. This means, for example, considering the possibility of scaling the company and thus being prepared for growth. A complete illustration of business models - implemented with flexible method modules from the Atlassian tools - helps to analyze value chains and make structured changes. 

Digitale Transformation Phase 3: Neugestaltung/Disruption mit strategischer Neuausrichtung und Digitalisierung der Dinge

The right solution for every team

Integrated digital solutions for Project Portfolio Management, IT Service Management, Application Lifecycle Management and your business processes: Our experts will be happy to advise you on the digitalization of your business processes and on product selection and the associated advantages and disadvantages for the implementation of your projects.

The right tool for every team

Benefit from the flexibility, performance and transparency of Atlassian tools for the digitalization of your business processes 

Jira Software

Planning, tracking and releasing software for agile teams: Jira Software provides powerful agile tools for every stage of the software or project lifecycle, including Scrum and Kanban boards.
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Icon Atlassian Jira Service Management

Jira Service Management

Powerful ITSM solution for requests, service and reports: Jira Service Management offers an intuitive user interface for incident, change and problem management and is specially tailored to the needs of IT and service teams.
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Icon Atlassian Jira Work Management

Jira Work Management

Project and task management for business teams of all kinds: With flexibly customizable workflows, business processes such as operational and legal processes, finance, HR or marketing can be easily and clearly mapped in Jira Work Management.
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Icon Atlassian Confluence


Create content together as a team and share knowledge: Through the centralized management of content, Confluence promotes effective collaboration and communication and thus ensures the preservation of knowledge within the company.
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