Corporate culture

What are the core values that unite catworkx?

Our corporate culture is derived from our core values - we are: Agile, innovative and willing to change - we are authentic, honest and highly professional!

Team und Zusammenhalt alt Unternehmenswert bei catworkx

We are one team - the entire catworkx group

Team cohesion and cooperation are very important to us across all branches. We enjoy working as a team and finding solutions together. Fair treatment of colleagues is important to us. We support each other. This sense of community is based on respect, trust and commitment. That's why we strengthen what already works well in our teamwork: Independence, a focus on results, short decision-making paths, flat hierarchies and direct communication. A weekly breakfast and other events that we attend together as a catworkx team further strengthen this team spirit.

Förderung und Weiterentwicklung der Mitarbeiter

We are constantly learning and evolving

We encourage and challenge our employees: this means we invest in further training, encourage independence and give tasks that allow us to grow. We encourage them to question our processes and products and to express (appropriate) criticism. An open exchange of opinions is desired and encouraged. Right from the start, every employee has the opportunity to contribute their own ideas and implement them independently. People with initiative meet with openness and trust. With this security behind us and a willingness to embrace new ideas, we can act for the long term, respond to current market needs at an early stage and overcome challenges.

Mehrwerte schaffen für unsere Kunden

We create added value - for our customers and for us

We see ourselves as a competent and reliable partner for our customers. We act honestly out of conviction, communicate clearly and bindingly and do not make promises we cannot keep. We reflect the interests, needs and requirements of our customers and create intelligent (and sustainable) solutions with added value.

catworkx übernimmt Verantwortung und setzt sich für Nachhaltigkeit ein

We take responsibility

We see ourselves as a value-oriented company and value our employees. That's why their well-being is important to us! In addition to incentives for a healthy lifestyle in everyday working life and the implementation of a health-promoting workplace, we create scope for a good work-life balance. We also pay attention to sustainability: not only towards people - but also towards our environment. We make many small contributions to the careful use of resources, for example by offering a JobRad. And we encourage our employees to get involved in charitable and social projects as part of Pledge 1%!

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