Scaling agility - success factors from practice in the Expert Talk

Webinar on demand

Agile working and agile methods have become an integral part of the modern working world. But what does it mean and, above all, what does a company actually expect when it embarks on this journey? Are there certain initial scenarios that prompt companies to think about Agile@Scale and how do you actually start and establish an agile transformation company-wide?

This is exactly what we talk about with Michael Stump (SAFe® Fellow & COO, Gladwell Academy) and Christoph Piotrowski (Head of Process Consulting, catworkx) in our Expert Talk "Scaling agility - success factors from practice in the Expert Talk".

What topics and issues relating to agile transformation can you expect?

  • Typical challenges and stumbling blocks in agile transformation
  • What companies with more than 50 employees should consider when introducing agile processes
  • Must-haves for a transformation process into "agile thinking"
  • Expert tips for scaling agile methods from team level
  • Supporting frameworks and tools using the example of SAFe® and Jira Align
  • How an agile transformation can succeed even after a slow start

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