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Simple. Secure. Self-determined – Jira in the Hybrid Cloud!

Minimize administrative efforts, reduce internal operating costs, update service at your own pace – with “Teamworkx Cloud Hosted” catworkx offers an alternative operating option for Atlassian customers who neither want to do without their proven on-premises functionalities nor want to operate their own infrastructure. Learn in our webinar on demand, which advantages Teamworkx Cloud Hosted…

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App-News: Two new features for “Teamworkx Issue Picker for Jira” (Cloud)

The “Teamworkx Issue Picker for Jira” solution developed by catworkx enables targeted linking between two or more Jira issues. The app is available via the Atlassian Marketplace for all Jira variants and deployment options (Cloud, Server and Data Center). Two new features have now been added to the cloud version, further closing the functional gap with the server app’s feature set.

catworkx Atlassian Symposium Vienna 2019

Every business process more transparent, faster, more efficient! Experience how your company can optimize business processes – and save money in the process! You can look forward to top-class expert presentations and customer reports as well as international Atlassian app vendors. Atlassian has revolutionized the work of virtual teams with solutions like Jira and Confluence.…

Webinar: Jira Change Management – “Teamworkx Issue Publisher” meets “Insight

Change Management with Jira and the apps “Insight” (Atlassian, formerly Mindville) and “Teamworkx Issue Publisher” (catworkx) is the focus of our webinar on August 13, 2020. catworkx Co-Founder Dr. Wolfgang Tank shows you with examples how to create configuration documentation in combination with both Marketplace Apps. The app “Insight” from Atlassian (formerly Mindville) is one…