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Generally, in Jira applications, a relationship between two or more processes can be represented by a link. For an inexperienced Jira user, however, creating a link is complicated, because first the two processes to be linked must be searched and found. After that a link type has to be selected. The app “Teamworkx Issue Picker for Jira” provides a new custom field that simplifies the creation of links. This helps to avoid mistakes and brings much more flexibility.

The Teamworkx Issue Picker includes a custom field for easy linking of an issue to other issues. The link type is defined beforehand when configuring the custom fields. In addition, the values of individual custom fields can be copied from one process to another and numerical values can be added together.

The Teamworkx Issue Picker Custom Field can be displayed on any transition dialog or on a customer portal page of the Jira Service Desk. These are single or multi-select menus that offer previously defined processes for selection via a JQL query.

The Teamworkx Issue Picker Custom Field allows to display the link as a link in the detail view of the active issue in addition to the Jira standard display for links. The display of several selected processes is clearly arranged in table form.

JQL query, custom field mode, link type, displayed fields in a table and much more can be easily entered on the Teamworkx Issue Picker custom field configuration page.


  • Display the results of a JQL query in simple list form or with selected custom fields as a table
  • Display of the Issue Picker Custom Field also on a customer portal page of Jira Service Desk
  • Simple selection of single or multiple operations
  • Linking the current operation to the selected operations
  • Copy selected custom field values from the selected operation to the current operation. The copied values are stored in the corresponding custom field and there is no need for field mapping.
  • Summing up the values of a numeric custom field in a table
  • Freely definable number format for totalized custom fields

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