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New training offer: catworkx provides official „Jira Align Program Essentials“ trainings

Jira Align from Atlassian enables scaled agility across team boundaries. For large companies, it is the tool to combine their business strategy with the technical implementation. The basics for the successful use of Jira Align are taught in the official Atlassian training “Jira Align Program Essentials”, which catworkx offers as one of the few Atlassian partners in the German speaking countries.

New at catworkx: BigPicture trainings

catworkx expands its training program with the official trainings for the Marketplace App “BigPicture”. The courses of the manufacturer SoftwarePlant are offered as two or three day trainings (Basic or Advanced). “BigPicture for Jira” offers extensive functions for project or product management as well as many additional functions that Jira does not provide by default. The trainings are available in the remote and the presence variant.