Webinar: Classic and agile project management with Jira, BigPicture and eazyBI

How does the interaction of classical and agile project management work in Jira? This question will be addressed by speaker Christoph Ritter in our webinar on 24.09.2020. He demonstrates how hybrid project management works with the Marketplace apps “BigPicture” (SoftwarePlant) and “eazyBI” (eazyBI). Both classic as and agile approaches to project management have their specific…

Success Story Austrian Standards

Project management and collaboration with Confluence and Jira at Austrian Standards International

Austrian Standards International, headquartered in Vienna, has been an independent platform for transparent standardisation processes in Austria since 1920 and is part of an international network. Recognised expertise is made easily accessible and applicable as an international standard.
Tina Myerscough is head of the IT software development department at Austrian Standards and project manager for the internal IT architecture transformation program “Core”. The 2016 assignment was for Myerscough and its team to complete the move of approximately 160 applications and systems from a relational database to a distributed system within two years. catworkx has successfully accompanied the cultural change in the company.

Atlassian Update: Better usability with “New Experience” in Portfolio for Jira

Version 3.0 of Portfolio for Jira Server is getting closer and closer and will bring a new planning experience “New Experience” with improved usability. But even in the recently released versions starting with 2.18, some of the “New Experience” features and improvements are already included, giving a foretaste of the upcoming major release. Since version 2.20 the “New Experience” functions are activated by default. However, it is up to each admin or user to decide whether they want to use the new planning functions or whether they prefer to deactivate them without losing data.