Review - Atlassian Team'22

Review: What’s new at Atlassian Team’22

Not only for the event attendees in Las Vegas and online in front of the screens – also for Scott Farquhar (Co-Founder & CEO, Atlassian) it was a special moment to open the Atlassian Team’22 “live on stage” in his keynote. After two years of social distancing, hosting the Atlassian Annual Conference as a hybrid event (April 5-7, 2022) was a welcome opportunity to reach customers, users, and partners locally and globally.

Provisioning of projects and users in large development environments

User acceptance is trump – provisioning of projects and users in large development environments

The development results (intellectual properties) often have a high criticality and belong to the company information that is particularly worth protecting. Ideally, there should be a central administration system for the handling and maintenance of the development tools used. In this presentation, Dr. Wolfgang Tank will present such a central administration system, which catworkx has developed and introduced in many years of cooperation with a large German automotive supplier on the basis of Jira Service Management.

Atlassian News

Atlassian announces price increase starting Oct. 12, 2021, for cloud products

Atlassian has announced updated pricing for cloud products starting October 12, 2021. Affected customers have already been informed of the increases by e-mail. The prices reflect the continued investment in building a powerful platform for all teams. According to Atlassian, this is a platform with better automation including. “Machine learning capabilities” that should enable teams…

Kitchen Talk: Jira Service Management - ITSM, that works!

Kitchen Talk: Jira Service Management – ITSM, that works!

In our new webcast format called “Kitchen Talk”, we discuss the expanded possibilities for ITSM that Atlassian has embarked on with the launch of Jira Service Management (JSM). Dr. Wolfgang Tank (CIO and Co-Founder, catworkx) and Lütfiye Hofmann (Project Manager Business Relationship Management, catworkx) present you with a clear overview of the different application areas and integrations that JSM provides. They also give you an insight into our recipes for success for ITSM, with which catworkx has solved customer-specific challenges.