News: Archiving issues in the data center version of Jira Software and Jira Service Desk

In a large Jira instance or in a large Jira Service Desk, thousands of new projects and issues accumulate over time. If Jira or Jira Service Desk grows rapidly, this can slow down the search and also the re-indexing of a Jira instance takes more time. Although Jira allows to close and archive whole projects, this is not possible with single issues within a project. With the release of Jira Software 8.4 for data centers and Jira Service Desk 4.4 for data centers, Atlassian now introduces the ability to archive issues.

Customer Story - Integrated Partner and User Portal

Integrated Project and User Portal (IPUP): Transparent and flexible management of projects and users in large environments

Development departments in large companies often lead a life of their own with regard to the software they use for their Application Lifecycle Management (ALM). There are dangers in that: Especially in these departments, where sensitive data is often involved, transparency and traceability should actually be the top priority. Managers must be able to check at any time which users are working on which projects with which tools. This challenge was also faced by a globally active manufacturer of automotive accessories. The long-standing Atlassian partner catworkx developed a tool for this company with which projects and the assignment of their participating users are set up (provisioned) largely automatically: the Integrated Project and User Portal (IPUP).

Success Story Itensos

ITENOS GmbH – Sustainable solution for maximum customer and service orientation

ITENOS GmbH, headquartered in Bonn, has been in the market for over 24 years and is an experienced specialist for secure IT and telecommunications solutions. As part of a digitization offensive, the company planned to introduce a new end-to-end solution for IT service management (customer service desk as well as internal IT service desk) and chose catworkx as a strong partner for project implementation.

Concentrated event power in the north

Smart, lively, trendy: In the coming weeks, concentrated event power awaits you in Northern Germany with lots of fresh ideas about Atlassian tools and solutions! Meet the teams of Atlassian and catworkx in Hamburg (catworkx Midsummer Day 2018 & catworkx Round Table “ITSM”) and in Hannover (CEBIT 2018)

Add-on news: catworkx Issue Picker for Jira Service Desk

The add-on “catworkx Issue Picker” simplifies the creation of links between two or more issues. In version the architecture of the Jira add-on has been changed and the functionality of the formerly five custom fields has been bundled into one single custom field. This helps the clarity and simplifies the administration. The new Issue Picker Custom Field can now also be displayed on a customer portal page of the Jira Service Desk. In the new version, the add-on has its own configuration dialog.