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Simple. Secure. Self-determined – Jira in the Hybrid Cloud!

Minimize administrative efforts, reduce internal operating costs, update service at your own pace – with “Teamworkx Cloud Hosted” catworkx offers an alternative operating option for Atlassian customers who neither want to do without their proven on-premises functionalities nor want to operate their own infrastructure. Learn in our webinar on demand, which advantages Teamworkx Cloud Hosted…

Teamworkx Matrix for Jira

App-News: “Teamworkx Matrix for Jira” now also available for data center on the Atlassian Marketplace

Make decisions quickly and securely with a visual representation of a matrix – the catworkx app “Teamworkx Matrix for Jira” supports you in this. With the app, relevant values of a Jira issue can be displayed in a flexible matrix. It is based on two user-defined single selection fields on horizontal and vertical axis. In this freely configurable matrix, values can be displayed as boards and moved dynamically, similar to Kanban or Scrum boards in Jira. The app is now also available in the data center version on the Marketplace.

Atlassian white paper: Deep insights into the product world of Atlassian Data Center

Would you like a deeper insight into the scope of Atlassian’s data center products? Do you need a decision support for the possible use of the Data Center products in your company? The software manufacturer Atlassian has summarized interesting facts for you in its current white paper “The ultimate guide to Data Center – From feature overview to upgrade”: For example, you can read about the comprehensive functions of the data center products and the requirements for a successful upgrade to a data center.

5 Reasons for Jira Service Desk Data Center

Jira Service Desk Data Center is an ITSM enterprise solution that provides high availability and meets stringent security and compliance requirements. The IT departments of large companies are often faced with the challenge of meeting additional requirements for security, stability and performance as they continue to grow. This is exactly where Jira supports Service Desk in the data center version.

Advanced Auditing for Atlassian Data Center

As companies grow, their systems are also constantly maturing and becoming more complex. This can make them vulnerable to security threats. In parallel, companies must constantly respond to business requirements, ensure the security of corporate data and keep pace with changing compliance requirements. To meet these challenges, Altassian now offers its enterprise data center product line with an Advanced Auditing function – a comprehensive tracking and auditing solution.

confluence Logo

Atlassian blog: New features for permission management in Confluence Data Center

Content that is stored in Confluence company-wide often has a proprietary character and is confidential. Administrators must be confident that only the right users or user groups have access to the information they need. The larger a company is and the more information is stored in Confluence, the more complex and costly the administration of these permissions becomes. To assist administrators in this task, Atlassian has developed new permissions features in Confluence Data Center.