Teamworkx Configuration Publisher

App-News: catworkx launches new app “Teamworkx Configuration Publisher” on the Atlassian Marketplace

Sustainable change management for Jira will be given a high priority with the new app “Teamworkx Configuration Publisher” developed by catworkx, which was launched on 13 January 2020 on the Atlassian Marketplace. For Jira administrators, the app offers the possibility to automatically transfer every change to a project configuration into a Confluence document with just a few clicks. Build up a history for tracking and keep track of all adjustments and projects. The new Teamworkx app is now available on the Atlassian Marketplace. We have summarised the other advantages and features of the Teamworkx Configuration Publisher for you.

App-News: catworkx releases the Teamworkx Configuration Publisher in January 2020

The implementation of sustainable change management for Jira – with the new Teamworkx Configuration Publisher this is taken to a new level. With the app from catworkx, which will soon be published on the Atlassian Marketplace, Jira administrators can publish every change to a project configuration in a Confluence document with just a few clicks. Changes can thus be tracked quickly. But the Teamworkx Configuration Publisher offers even more features that support Jira administrators in their work.